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The ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate limited , protein and calorie balance sheet and therefore the form of dietary -fat diet that mimics the starvation metabolism in certain aspects . In this type of diet the body gets its energy requirement is less fat and glucose but only fat and it built up in the body glucose replacement , the eponymous ketone bodies . A ketogenic diet is used as a method of therapy , especially in children with drug-resistant epilepsy , glucose transport disorder (eg, GLUT1 deficiency syndrome) and Pyruvatdehydrogenasemangel . You must be calculated individually and monitored by a physician . A non- medically induced special form of ketogenic diet are low-carb diets such as the Atkins diet.


Proteins such as the various carbohydrates are converted into glucose to maintain blood sugar levels and thus to supply the brain with energy , especially in the metabolism approximately 50% and fats only about 10% ( ie their glycerol content ) . In the fasting state , the body starts by taking on its glycogen stores ( a storage form of carbohydrates ) back and then turns increasingly on a hunger metabolism to . This is characterized, inter alia , that fatty acids are broken down in the liver to ketone bodies , the energy needs, especially of the brain ( which is otherwise dependent on glucose as the sole energy source) then , to cover efficiently in an alternative way . The target state is called ketosis.

Calculation , implementation

For a ketogenic diet , the energy requirement ( 30-80 kcal / kg depending on age and metabolic rate ) is calculated and the protein requirement ( 0.7-2 g / kg depending on age) and then the " ketogenic ratio " (typically 3 - 4, 5: 1) fixed. The ketogenic ratio determines the weight ratio of fat to carbohydrates + proteins. A ketogenic ratio of 4:1, for example , that food to 80% by weight shall consist of fats. In the remaining 20 % by weight of the need for a comprehensive amount of protein must be accommodated. Accordingly, carbohydrates may be included only in minimal amounts to maintain an effective ketosis. A ketosis due to a random defect induced carbohydrate is broken by the addition of small amounts of excess carbohydrate in a short time, which can lead to increased seizures again . This strict diet regime requires careful indication, some detailed knowledge and a close cooperation between the treatment team and patients , their caregivers (eg parents) and their social environment . The diet prescription must be repeated adjusted by the doctor on the progress and identifiable needs. The proper implementation of the diet must be monitored via the urine and / or Blutketose (similar to blood glucose monitoring in Diabeteikern ) .


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