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Masmi Menstruation Cup

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Masmi Menstruationstasse - hergestellt aus hochwertigen medizinisch zugelassenen Kunststoff!

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Masmi menstruation cup buy at veganisation


The Masmi menstruation series with the simple application for environmentally friendly and cost-effective monastic hygiene.

  • 100% vegan
  • silicone free
  • latex-free
  • PVC free
  • BPA free
  • clinically tested
  • Without phthalates
  • Without alkyphenol
  • Prevents infections
  • Hypoallergenic - also an alternative for allergy sufferers
  • Reusable - Environmentally friendly - Recyclable

The eco-menstrual stage is a natural, healthy and cost-effective alternative to conventional monatshygiene. The use is as simple as a tampon, it is inserted into the vagina to collect the menstrual blood there. Made from hypoallergenic medically approved plastic (TPE) which helps to prevent the risk of irritation, itching, allergies and infections.

Mesma Menstruation Cup:

The menstruation trays are available in 3 sizes to meet the different needs of women. According to experience, athletic women can choose the size one level smaller than recommended.

Size S: For women under 18 who do not have regular sex.
Size M: Is for women under 25 years who have not had a vaginal birth.
Size L: Is for women who are older than 25 years of age or have had a vaginal birth.

Menstrual cup Introduction

The use of a menstruation can be a bit difficult at the beginning, you have to bring some patience. You should practice a little how to insert and remove it, but if you master the technique, the use is very simple and convenient. Before using the cup for the first time, it must be disinfected: wash hands, put in a pot with enough water to make the cup covered, bring the water to a boil and let the cup boil for 3-4 minutes, never without Water or too little water is left lying on the pot, never leave the pot unattended, an egg clock has proved to be very helpful. This disinfection should be repeated every cycle to keep your cup perfectly clean. Remove the cup and it is immediately ready for use.

Wash your hands thoroughly and take a comfortable position. These positions are recommended: squatting, sitting on the toilet or standing.

You have two ways to fold the cup:
  • Press both sides of the cup together and fold the cup in the middle to form a 'U'.
  • Place a finger on the top edge of the cup and push it inside to form a triangle.

Hold the folded cup with one hand, with the other hand spread the labia and slide the cup toward the coccyx or base of the spine. The ideal placement of the cup is less deep than a tampon. Once you have inserted the cup, release it, it will open and fit perfectly to your vaginal wall. For easier introduction, moisten the cup with water. To verify that the cup has been placed well, rotate it with the bottom of the cup and handle by 360 degrees. When the cup is properly positioned, it is easy to turn.

Menstruation cup remove

You must empty the cup at least once every 12 hours, depending on the intensity of the menstruation. To remove them, you should be in a comfortable position (standing, sitting on the toilet or squatting), guide the index finger and thumb into the vagina and look for the handle and the bottom of the cup. If you push with abdominal / pelvic muscles, the removal will be easier.

Gently pull on the handle and cup tray until you can hold the base of the cup. When you have pulled this completely, keep the cup vertically so that the contents remain in the cup and empty the contents into the toilet. Wash the cup with clean water, preferably warm, afterwards it is ready for the next use. Remember to thoroughly wash the suction port. You can also use a pH neutral soap without perfume. If you do not have access to clean water, you can also use toilet paper or handkerchief to dry the cup and then wash it with clear water.

Menstruation cup tips

The menstrual cup should be emptied at least every 12 hours.
Once you have gained experience with the use, you will soon know how often you need to empty the cup.
You can use the cup at night and exercise any sport.
The menstrual canal is compatible with prevention methods, spiral (IUP) or diaphragm (membrane).
You do not need to remove the cup when you have urination or bowel movements.

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