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Whey Protein: Ideal Protein For Building Mass?

10.06.2015 11:22

Whey Protein: Ideal Protein For Building Mass?

Dear American Supps Team,

I’ve always heard that whey, over all the other types of proteins, is the ideal protein for building muscle mass. Is this correct and why?

Big Moody H., Retail Store Owner


mass building training workout and nutrition on american-supps get closerBig Moody,

Great question, with the different types of Whey (isolates, concentrates, hydrolysates), Egg, Soy, Casein, Buckwheat, etc…I’m sure there are many others wondering the same thing. Instead of getting into the scientific jargon of peptide bonds, the denaturizing of protein, nitrogen balance, or the intriguing role that the pepsin enzyme plays, I’ll try to stick to the basic information that will help answer your question, and more importantly, give you quick selling tips to enable you to communicate to your customers.


What is Whey Protein?

Basically, during the process of turning milk into cheese, it’s the ‘stuff’ that’s left floating on top. This ‘stuff” that was once considered a waste product is now one of the most demanded products in the nutrition industry.


Whey better than the rest:

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO), and the World Health Organization(WHO), adopted what’s called the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) as the preferred method for the measurement of the protein value in human nutrition. When all proteins were compared, Whey Protein ranked at the top of their evaluation scale with the highest score of 1.0.

Along with Overall Amino Acid Profile, Whey has the highest Biological Value (BV refers to how well and how quickly your body can absorb and actually use the protein you consume), Nitrogen retention, and even immune boosting capabilities. Now the question we should really ask is which whey protein?


The Big 3

That ‘stuff’ that was left floating on the top when turning milk into cheese can be processed multiple times before you see it in its final form. The more times it’s processed, the purer the Whey. Let’s compare the three basic forms of Whey.

Whey Concentrate – Whey concentrate is usually the better tasting of the three and usually the least expensive (least filtration processes). Although still low compared to other proteins (Casein or Blends), it has the highest lactose and fat content of the Wheys.

Whey Isolate – A filtration process of the Whey Concentrate leaves everything beneficial about the protein intact while removing most of the unwanted leftovers. We’re left with a whey isolate that is low in fat and is considered lactose-free.

Whey Hydrolysate – The most pure form of Whey with the least amount of fat, is lactose-free and has the fastest absorption rate in your body. This protein will usually be more expensive due to the extensive filtration process and is said to have the least favorable taste out of the Big 3.


Always the best choice?

So, Whey in all of its forms is ideal for building muscle mass. But is it always the best choice of protein at all times of the day? Whey is great when your muscles are thirsty and need a quick solution to quench that thirst and jumpstart the muscle building. But sometimes you don’t need the quick absorption rate and would prefer a slower absorbing protein like Casein (i.e. Before Bed).

All in all, Whey is a great choice for your protein supplementation. Just keep in mind that there are many other factors to consider when making your protein choice. You have to think about which one to take, how much to take, how often, with what, after what, what time of day it is, which company to choose, and heck…even which flavor to get.

There are always new advances in nutrition and new products coming out. It can be tough to keep track of the latest and greatest, but use your available resources. Call your Europa Sales representative to see what the best selling products are. Just like the process of making whey isolate, our reps filter out the waste of bad products, and leave you with pure information on what’s good and what really sells.

Your Fathers of Glory,

Team American Supps

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