maximum strength training

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maximum strength training

At the maximum power is the highest power that can be exercised in an arbitrary maximum contraction of the nerve-muscle system. Here is also spoken by the psychological limit force, because it is a process which is accompanied by willfully-conscious concentration and intention.
They must be distinguished from the maximum absolute force which can use a muscle group or muscle, using all fibers. The absolute maximum force is in kind, released only in danger of death, that is extreme stress situations.

What is the maximum force trained?

If you want to improve your maximal strength, then you can best achieve this by the repetition method. Compared to many other exercises in athletics and weight training workout intensity is 80 to 100 percent of the max. Power. It also contains a comprehensive recovery in the intervals is possible.
This means in practice that if a weight of 200 kg up a repeat is managed, then it is worked in the training with weights 160 to 190 kilograms. Compared to the training with moderate weights then the pauses are much longer. The length of the pause is placed on average at five minutes and it must be ensured that the claimed muscle group does not cool.

The pyramid scheme

It is a training method that is very popular in maximum strength training. This is started, for example, with a weight, thus a repetition number of 12 is possible. Then, for example, ten or twenty kilograms added taken, whereby only 8-9 repetitions are possible. Also in the following blocks, the weight is increased even more, making the possible repetitions are of course more and more reduced. Only one or two iterations are performed at the end, thus close to max load.

An example of the pyramid scheme

11 times 120 kg
8 times 140 kg
5 times 160 kg
2 times 180 kg
Bodybuilding with the maximal strength training
Most important is the training with the maximum strength for all who train on the strength gains. These include an weightlifters or powerlifters, for example, and indirectly discus thrower or shot putter.
Trained a bodybuilder to gain muscle, then the maximum force is only occasionally included in the program. For a bodybuilder training with maximum force is important from time to time so that a muscle is prepared for a higher growth period and thus be overcome stagnation. Here it is not the goal, that with the greatest possible weight just a repetition is performed, but that in future the normal 8 to 12 repetitions can be performed with a larger weight. Total is important for the bodybuilder a greater growth stimulus.

Muscle groups in the training of the maximum force

In general, the muscle groups at the maximum force that can be used on for the powerlifting. These are the triceps, the chest muscles and the leg extension. In principle, however, all other muscle groups for training the maximum force are suitable.
At the concentration of high demands in the training and in the institutions involved mechanically there is an increased risk of premature wear. There are usually trained the muscles, which can survive a workout without prejudice to their size and are more commonly used. For the abdominals thus the training of the maximum force makes little sense.

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