PCT Post Cycle Therapy

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PCT Post Cycle Therapy

PCT Post Cycle Therapy

What should I use as a PCT after Testosteronkur?

Currently, 6-bromo-androstanes-3-17-dione a very far verbreitets and effective product is what used to gynecomastia and Bitch Tits.

Post Cycle Therapy weaning

As Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), the correct settling for an anabolic treatment is called. The Post Cycle Therapy is very important in any case and really should be taken very seriously. The consequences of an incorrect thoughtful Post Cycle Therapy may otherwise determine the whole remaining life and not just harmless. It is a loss of muscle built up even the smallest problem, what can happen. Each user of anabolic steroids should be clear that no matter whether it is externally supplied testosterone to a short-chain or medium-chain testosterone propionate testosterone enanthate, einschrenkt physical own production of testosterone.

Therefore, we can bring two major goals of a post cycle therapy to the point

1. Recovery of the body's endogenous testosterone production

During an anabolic cure the exogenous testosterone supply is in an extremely high dosage. The body can certainly not be just so taken for a period of 12-16 weeks in an extremely anabolic state and then make just as before saying more.

2. Preservation of the constructed mass


It would almost be a shame to lose the mass built up laboriously and, of course, using a health risk again following. For this task, the PCT is also responsible.


The type of post cycle therapy depends on various factors

Length and dosage of treatment

Depending on how long an athlete has driven the cure and as high dose steroid units were, the different substances are collected and metered.

Kind of steroids used

In case of a mild steroid as boldenenone undecylenate or beginner steroids as a Testosterone Propionate the Post Cycle Therapy is safe compiled differently than in a "harder" Kur with trenbolone.

Important for the Post Cycle Therapy is following

The hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, or HPTA short

This complex system monitors and controls the body's natural testosterone production and. Once the system detects a need for more testosterone, it pours from the so-called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). If this system too much testosterone throughout the body finds it conducts a negative feedback to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland and that cause it to restore balance the secretion of estrogen. Too much estrogen causes then the exact opposite of what creates an excess of testosterone. For some men, it may cause symptoms like a female voice, gynecomastia and other symptoms that indicate excess estrogen in the body come.

The size of the testicles

As it comes to testicular desensitization, it must be ensured that this production falls back to its normal level as soon as the period of anabolic treatment is over. By proper PCT testicular atrophy (degeneration) is avoided, and the suppression of testosterone.


After a Anaboliak Kur is a risk of hormonal imbalance in which often increases the levels of estrogen, also known under the term aromatase. The increased Testosterionzufuhr, the body feels prompted opposed to control, by boosting compensation the production of estrogen. When is now dispensed with the high intake of testosterone, an anti-estrogen to inhibit aromatase and to ensure a normalized estrogen should be used. This also often either the sole or combined use of clomiphene or tamoxifen is used.


Once a treatment is no longer effective with antiestrogens, should be resorted back to the injectable drug HCG. Actually HCG is a prescription means for increasing fertility, which mimics the endogenous luteinizing hormone.

Anabolic alternative

Let yourself be best advised by a doctor before you go for it anabolic steroids. If you have you set a goal to increase testosterone levels in your body to build more muscle mass, but without anabolic steroids, there are several ways to increase your natural testosterone production by so-called testosterone booster.

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fertility drugs clomid Malonyl ACP alone is sufficient for kinetically and stoichiometrically efficient synthesis of polyketides by the wild type KS CLF, but not by heterodimers that carry the mutations listed above

Paul, 19.01.21 10:01

Die Post Cycle Therapy ist soooo wichtig. Viele stoffen einfach ohne PCt und dann stehen sie blöd da

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Post Cycle Therapy das korrekte Absetzen nach einer Anabolika Kur

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Echt gut, dass Ihr über die PCT Post Cycle Therapy informiert. Leider haben wir Jemanden im Studio, der das früher nicht richtig gemacht hat. Der hat jetzt echt Probleme beim Sex und findet keine Freundin mehr.