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stagnation goodbye!

23.06.2014 19:40



Stagnation goodbye!

Everyone has already experienced that he sees no merits for weeks, the weight can not be increased and more reps not go. Even if the food sits and the training is clean may lead to stagnation. Blame for our body, because this is a "habituation animal". Our body adapts quickly to different things and react in the case no longer on the training or the nutrition.

Training Methods:

You can install one of the following methods in your workouts and in a proper execution you will shock your body properly.

10 × 10 routine:

The 10 × 10 routine is originally from GVT (German Volume Training), if you eg Trained chest you seek you a chest exercise and makes 10 sets with 10 reps - sounds hard it is! For small muscle groups (triceps, biceps, etc.), the 10 × 10 routine is not recommended there are other methods.

FST-7 Training:

The FST-7 training is a very famous training method which is used very frequently, above all, by bodybuilders. Meaning of the method, it is 7 sets of 12-15 reps  to make the rest here MAX. 20-30 seconds and during this time you have to actively stretch / tighten so that blood flows through the fibers of your muscle.

Rep'n'Set Switch:

Although this method sounds quite simple it will shock your body. Your exchanged per workout at home exercise (bench press, squat, deadlift, military press, etc.) your sentences with the repetitions. So instead of 3 sets with 12 repetitions you are doing now 12 sets á 3 repetitions.
Regular exercise, good accounting and a healthy diet are always a prerequisite for new training methods, but who wants to maintain his workout can also access to workout booster and fat burner.
Shocks get your body with fat burners or pre-workout booster and you will see a power increase, increased thermogenesis or physical condition. I can recommend the following Supps:

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