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Tips for burning fat - compiled by Fitness magnet and numerous fitness enthusiasts!

Do not starve!

If you are taking less than 1400 calories daily to you forfeit your body into a save mode. This means that your body builds up reserves and slows your metabolism because it does not know when he will next time again with energy.
Several small meals
Keep your metabolism up to speed with 6-8 small meals a day. Another advantage of several smaller meals is that you have less cravings usually.

HIIT and Tabata instead of cardio

Several studies have clearly shown that interval training is much more successful for burning fat than regular cardio. On the one hand with cardio also burns muscle mass and on the other hand burns your body, even after the interval training calories.

Big muscles workout!

The fact is that muscles burn calories and also on non-training days. Is frequently neglected the gluteal muscle, which is one of the largest muscles of the body. Leg press, squats etc. should therefore wants to exploit in any case in your training program .To make the afterburn even more effective, should require as much muscle mass during strength training. Are well suited for example, the thigh and the back. Reason: The more lean muscle you during training is used, the longer it keeps your metabolism to be higher level.

Negative energy balance: Unfortunately, this means a high fat burning does not automatically less fat and less kilos on the scale - because you only decreases when you eat less calories consumed than is total. And over a longer period. So Futtere the savings in training calories by not twice or three times - otherwise you make the fat burning effect quickly dashed.

The "fat metabolism" is for the most part instead of at night and can be inhibited accelerated by various factors or. Who waived evening on carbohydrates and alcohol, recorded during the day fats metabolized better! These daytime much movement as possible in the fresh air, low sugar and enough vitamins and the fat melts like by itself. By the way, women have it much harder due to their higher body fat content, to get away their fat. It is important: Never give up.
Strength Training: Endurance Training must be analyzed more effectively to reduce fat reserves, but no later than when a beginning is made, you should access to dumbbells. Muscles give your exterior not only a handsome form, they also have the advantage that they themselves consume idle energy. That can not be said of adipose tissue. Your basal metabolic rate increases, you can eat more without gaining weight. So, nothing like serve up some weights.

Interval Training:

If you want to increase fat burning during your workout, then put back often as short a sprint. It has been proven that fat burning is higher at an interval training by 36 percent than with a constant moderate endurance program. Furthermore, the total energy consumption is much lower than at higher strain at low intensities.
Lots of water or unsweetened tea drinking (2-5 liters a day). With a lack of fluid, the entire metabolic processes take place only very slowly - even the fat metabolism! In addition, your metabolic rate by up to 100 calories increased if you drink at least two liters of water every day and the feeling of hunger is suppressed.
Carbohydrates are not created equal Carbohydrates: Only consume complex carbohydrates; Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. Link: list of healthy foods.

Drink 1 liter of green tea a day.

1 to 2 double espressos before the workout are a good fat burner and energy booster (omit the sugar and milk coffee). Caffeine increases fat burning, the heat production and the blood pressure of the body and thereby boosts the metabolism.
If you get hungry in the evening, first the handle for water bottle. If it is 1.5 liters still not better - cucumber, tomato slices, lean cottage cheese ... and more water!
To renounce Light products. The sugar replacement (mainly aspartame) stimulates insulin emissions, although the body gets no carbs for recording. This leads to extreme cravings and decreased fat burning.
Healthy fats (unsaturated fatty acids) such as avocado, nuts, fatty fish, canola oil, olive oil etc. take in a moderate amount to him. This has positive effects on blood clotting and cholesterol ein.Linktipp: list of healthy foods.
Exploit Afterburn Effect, that is, after cardio / HIIT take about 2 hours, no meal.
Stick to a diet that fits you. For example, Anabolic Diet, Atkins diet, low carb diet. Cf

Watch your insulin levels:

Provide at least eight hours of sleep per night plus enough daylight (1 hour a day to be outside). Deficits of the body often tries to compensate by eating.

Low glycemic index (glycemic index):

The glycemic index indicates how carbohydrate foods affect blood sugar levels. The lower the value, the better, because that means: The fat burning works at full speed and you're tired. For example, legumes, nuts, vegetables and some fruit varieties have a low glycemic index.

Kiwis eat. 2-3 kiwis per day the daily requirement of vitamin C and neutralize free radicals. In addition, the magnesium and potassium contained therein support the metabolism.

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