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The tricep contributes to a decisive contribution while toning the upper arms due to its size. For the three-headed arm muscle there is a lot of triceps exercises that you can build a man massive arms and get a woman taut arms.

Train Tricep

The biggest mistake you can make when exercising triceps, it is if you feel not concentrate on a correct execution. Unfortunately still being affected by too many studio visits with some triceps exercises the muscles wrong and it is far from the target muscle, charged in this case, the triceps.

Train Arm Muscles

If you put your arm muscles work like, you can make such great athletes and insert a separate Armtag or work your triceps and biceps each following a large muscle group there.

Tricep exercises

  • Arnold dips
  • dips
  • end press
  • Close Grip Bench Press
  • Pressdowns pulling cable
  • Triceps pushup
  • Triceps over their heads on cable pulley
  • One-arm triceps extension on pulling cable
  • Kniendes pressdowns pulling cable
  • End pressing on pulling cable
  • Tricep kickbacks with the Theraband
  • One-arm tricep extension with the Theraband

Tricep Exercises Dumbbells

  • Dumbbell triceps extension with both arms

  • Dumbbell One Arm Triceps Extensions

  • Kickbacks

Bicep Tricep

Every muscle has a so-called opponent. The opponent (antagonist) of the tricep is the bicep. Once you tense your triceps to your biceps relaxed. So it is vice versa. The biceps (biceps) and the arm flexors underlying (brachialis muscle) are for Responsible how thick your arms appear together with the triceps. The biceps is named thus because it arises in two minds and not as the triceps in three. (Latin: Bi = Two Tri = Three)

Toning Arms

During the biceps is often trained very happy and thoroughly, the triceps sometimes does not get quite as much attention. The biceps turns 1/3 and 2/3 triceps your arm, which already clearly explains why you should train your triceps as intense. It is important not only optically, that all muscles are trained equally. If you train your body on one side, are postural and joint problems, as well as long-term injuries that can keep you from hard and intensively to train and build more muscle mass, pre-programmed. Pay attention to a balanced workout plan if you want to build big biceps.

Triceps Women

Although massive arms not just be on the wish list of a woman at the top, and women should incorporate triceps exercises in their training schedule. to train your upper arms is for a woman alone for the reason important because here the skin is not able to make quick limp. But with a few good exercises with dumbbell you can achieve very good results here. Train your arm muscles depending on the training schedule 2-4 times a week. To find more ideas for your training plan as a woman, you just check in our category Training Plan to women.

Triceps Anatomy

The triceps (triceps brachii musculus) is a skeletal muscle of the on sitting the back of the upper arm and the forearm flexed pulling backwards. The triceps has three heads, the long head (caput longum), the inner head (caput media) and the lateral head (caput laterale). The long head arises from below the socket on the scapula. The other two heads originate on the back of the humerus. All three heads forming in the lower third of the upper arm in a strong tendon that attaches to the ulna. The shoulder muscle (deltoid musculus) covers the upper third of the triceps.

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