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Vegan Protein

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Vegan protein powder buy online at American Supps!

Gone are the days when there was only protein powder from animal sources. As a pioneer that introduced vegan protein in the form of rice protein in Germany, we are particularly well aware of the increased demand for vegan protein. The vegan protein powders in our bodybuilding shop are all from well-known manufacturers who pay attention to the extraordinary quality of the raw materials and omit artificial additives. Thanks to the particularly gentle manufacturing process, valuable nutrients are preserved and can develop their full benefits.

Vegan protein powder without soy

We deliberately focused on vegan protein powder without soy, since the nutrient content of the protein types is much higher than that of soy. We offer protein powder from hemp protein, rice protein, pea protein and also from the so-called superfoods, such as quinoa, amaranth or even spirulina and wheat grass. This is just a small excerpt from the possibilities to produce particularly high quality protein.

Vegan protein powder sweetened with stevia

The vegan protein powder in our range is either sweetened with stevia or with other natural sweeteners. It goes without saying that we do not use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or refined sugar. Because especially health-conscious people take special care not to burden the body with unnecessary artificial additives.

Buy rice protein powder in the vegan bodybuilding shop

Here you will find the best vegan protein powder from the best manufacturers. Gone are the days when the choice of vegan protein powder was limited. While previously only soy protein was offered here as a vegan protein powder, we have long been the pioneers with the Sunwarrior rice protein and the Growing Naturals rice protein isolate. We were practically one of the first retailers to offer vegan protein powder on organic rice. In the meantime, the market has developed very strongly due to increasing demand. There has long been a lot more alternative vegetable protein powder for every taste and preference.

Vegan protein powder for vegans

Of course, it is also possible to cover your protein requirements with plant-based foods. However, it is associated with a certain effort and also requires certain knowledge. Vegan protein powder is extremely helpful to get enough protein quickly and easily in a tasty way. Either prepare a deliciously creamy protein shake by simply mixing a measuring spoonful of protein powder in a glass of almond milk or other milk substitute, or use the protein powder for creative recipes, such as smoothies, mueslis or delicious protein desserts.

Vegan protein powder for allergy sufferers

Almost all vegan protein powders have one thing in common. They are particularly allergy-friendly. People who suffer from lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance or other food intolerances are often on the safe side with a vegan protein powder. Rice protein isolate in particular is particularly suitable.

Vegan protein powder for slimming

It's been proven that a protein diet can help you lose weight vegan. The extra pounds are melted in several ways. For the digestion of protein alone, the body needs a lot more energy and a higher proportion of protein is also involved in reducing the feeling of hunger. By the way, a ready-made protein shake is also ideal for preventing cravings as a snack.

Vegan bodybuilding with American supps

As an absolute pioneer in the field of vegan bodybuilding and vegan fitness, we have made a name for ourselves in this sector in recent years. Of course, this also includes the right vegan protein powder. If you want to build vegan muscles or simply eat a protein-rich diet, you will find numerous different vegan protein products in our range. The importance of sufficient protein is well known, especially as an athlete. Proteins are the building blocks of the entire body tissue, including skin, hair and nails, of course also the connective tissue and muscles. The smallest muscle fibers are destroyed during an intensive training session. That sounds more brutal than it really is, but the muscles have to adapt to the heavy strain that they are not used to. Then these proteins or amino acids are stored and thicken. This is how muscle growth occurs. You can only build muscle if you eat enough protein.

Buy the best vegan protein powder

We offer vegan protein powder from different protein sources. Of course this includes rice protein and pea protein