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Smoking weed and Sports Training with alcohol and drugs

20.09.2015 13:43

Smoking weed and Sports Training with alcohol and drugs


What drugs such as weed and alcohol and party drugs do to your body and whether it is worthwhile to train but is now in the following article explains.


Drugs in Sports - Self lie to himself brings nothing

Each should be obvious already from the effects of marijuana, for example, that there is nothing with Kiffen and bodybuilding. Kiffen and alcohol are real muscle and motivation eaters.
But a real danger threatens significantly impeded by a hormone change the muscle building. Let's look first of all the individual drugs and their effects on training and sport a little more closely:

Bodybuilding, Sports and alcohol

Alcohol is probably the most akzeptierteste drug for centuries. Thus, it is most like me so that you now and not past it is coming a LONG ILAND ICE TEA to treat.
However, one must clearly keep in mind that it represents a drunken fit a massive poisoning of the body. The state everyone knows if there is a turn as in the 8-coaster and one only wonders
if my same goes sucks or 5 minutes later. But alcohol is worse for bodybuilding weight training than you think.

Alcohol causes bitch titts and female breast signs in males

Especially beer is known to reduce fat oxidation and suppress testosterone levels permanently. This is done easily with the consumption of beer considerably much prolactin is secreted.
Prolactin and some other hormones cause permanent suppression of the hormone dopamine. Dopamine is a strong supporter of testosterone. Although alcohol provides a kurfristigen dopamine increase but at weekly
Consumerism arises quickly the opposite, and the body stops making dopamine to produce itself. Thus also fast, the addiction a what Alk. Also makes them so dangerous.
Hop the main ingredient of beer is very related to cannabis as hemp thus we come to the next substance

Smoking, Training and Bodybuilding - 

As with alcohol, it is especially the beer is the case with cannabis, hemp, grass, ganja in bodybuilding.
The testosterone level in the blood is extremely durable inhibited by an increased prolactin secretion. Your body will look softer and more watery. Your Power in Gym is approx reduced by 30%.
I would advise strongly against if you mainly want to achieve in bodybuilding Muskelaufba and definition.

Amphetamine, XTC, speed and cocaines sports and bodybuilding

There is little crazy to try that at all. But even such people are there and we look at what happens once the fact if I would train fully on it.
The good news is the speed in WW2 also pervitin
Methamphetamine (MA)
called really verbennt fat. Not only the German soldiers and Aodlf Hitler took it. Adolf Hitler got from testosterone as recent documents show. Thus, it's been a long Susbstanz used to improve performance.
drugs like weed and alcohol in bodybuilding and fitness

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