Workout for beginners

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Workout for beginners

You're new in bodybuilding and you are trying the whole time to make the Internet smart about appropriate training plans, but you'll find only those who scream just barely on its "Not for beginners"? Then you are exactly right with this product.

Beginners often make the mistake to begin directly with a split program or to himself even at the beginning of HIT (High Intensity Training) try. They mastered neither the technology for the corresponding main exercises, nor do they possess the necessary know-how in the bodybuilding field.
As a beginner you should start with a full body plan, which one performs approximately four weeks. During this time you should, if possible, under the guidance of, the most important basic exercises for mass and strength learn best as possible. These are: flat bench press with the barbell squat and deadlift. Forget all the shiny machines that adorn modern lifestyle fitness masses. You are iron athletes. You want to gain, muscle mass and incredible strength. Mass you will only build if you train with free weights. Why? Now this has a very simple reason. Free weight training does not require isolated single muscle fibers, as does the training of machines (here is the muscle "out"), but the inter-muscular interaction of several muscles. So asks the flat bench press with the barbell, arms (especially forearms and triceps), shoulders and of course the chest muscles. If one focuses on weight training you will inevitably see the success that you want to have. Particularly important here is of course the correct version, which is not necessarily easy to learn, as well as proper nutrition.
The whole-body plan is suitable for beginners so because it gives the body the opportunity to adjust and load the new one does not take directly to the beginning of the opportunity to increase his plan to create new stimuli.

The whole-body plan

1 flat bench press with barbell: 3 sets, 12 reps (care should be taken to a sufficient warmup, especially the shoulders should be well warmed; lightweight short (about 7 sec per muscle) stretch the chest, triceps, and! shoulder muscles)
2 incline bench press with barbell: 3 sets, 12 reps
3 Bent over barbell rows: 3 sets, 12 reps
4 Deadlift: 3 sets, 12 reps
5 Military Press: 3 sets, 12 reps
6 Squat: 3-4 sets, 12-15 reps
7 Crunches: 3 sets to failure.
This plan is carried out 2-3 times a week over a period of about 4 weeks. Will you well with your workout right, the training plan can be changed. For the necessary muscle building you should pay attention to a good calorie surplus. Complex carbohydrates, high in protein, good fats should be on the agenda. Eat clean, train dirty!

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Anonym, 07.07.17 11:38

Super Trainingsplan für Anfänger. Wie lang gelte ich als Anfänger?