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Mutant Nutrition provides the muscle building formula to help you build a huge muscle. MUTANT MASS was the first Mass Gainer to become a personal instrument for a whole nation of MUTANTS. Since 2006 MUTANT MASS is the first choice of bodybuilders and powerlifters in more than 85 countries worldwide. After years of experimentation, the MUTANT R & D Laboratory has consistently expanded its Mass Gainer with new and powerful bodybuilding sports nutrition. MUTANT NUTRITION is for those who want massive size and strength, period.

Mutant Mass - the Weight Gainer

Are you still looking for the optimal weight gainer because of a weight gain? Then your search has come to an end, because we from american supps have for you the ultimate Weight Gainer from Canada, Mutant Mass, developed specifically for bodybuilders and hardgainers to support your musclebuilding purposefully and effectively. Mutant Mass consists of essential fatty acids, an extremely complex protein formula, which in turn consists of 10 different proteins and complex carbohydrate rates. This composition aims to build up the quality of the muscle, while at the same time contributing to the recovery of the muscle mass. With the manufacturer of Mutant Mass, you can be sure that the production and development of the product was worked with heart and mind. After an extended period of time, which the manufacturer has invested in the intensive product development, the research department has been able to present the perfect mixture of micro- and macronutrients for the great joy of all athletes, which distinguishes the product Mutant Mass with flying colors. Mutant Mass is an ideal mixture of numerous protein sources, branched-chain amino acids, ie valine, leucine and isoleucine (BCAA), which are very popular in the bodybuilders' scene and in the digestive sports sector. At the same time, Mutant Mass is free from aspartame, dissolves very well and is available in different flavors. When you incorporate Mutant Mass into your daily nutrition plan, you or your body and muscles are optimally cared for. You can eat Mutant Mass three times a day as a shake. For this, you can mix Mutant Mass simply with water or according to taste also in low-fat milk. You usually drink Mutant Mass as a shake in the morning after getting up, at midday between and immediately after your training session. Please note, however, that you do not exceed the consumption level prescribed by the manufacturer.
When you choose Mutant Mass, you have made a good choice. Especially for you as a bodybuilder or hardgainer it comes with regard to the energy supply on a high quality. Mutant Mass, in contrast to many other Weight Gainer products available to you, is guaranteed from valuable ingredients and not just from sugar and cheap proteins. You can order Mutant Mass right now, through our site of american supps online, we deliver you Mutant Mass directly into the house or wherever you go.

Mutant Nutrition Rage Booster and Mutant Mayhem Booster

Mutant Nutrition naturally also has very good boosters like the Mutant Rage and the Mutant Mayhem.

Mutant Nutrition Rage Shirts, Cap and Sports Bag

At the same time the range of the brand has been greatly expanded, which is why we also offer the Mutant Cap and Mutant Sportasche and Mutant Shirts. You can also find more here at Muscle Shirts