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Hardcore Booster

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Are you looking for a real hardcore booster? Then you are exactly right here. Here you will not only find the best boosters of the year, but also purchase advice.

Since hardcore boosters are still one of the most popular supplements as a pre-workout and American Supps has been known for their great product range of hardcore boosters for many years, it is logical that we present you with advice on the purchase decision. Here you will find the best hardcore boosters with stimulating stimulants that push your training to the next level. All fitness freaks know this ultimate feeling when the booster enters the gym shortly after taking it.

As hot as you are about training, after a hard and stressful day at work you only want to end up on the couch. Full throttle in the gym is the last thing you want to do. If that happens, it is certainly not the end of your fitness career. If you push yourself more regularly before training, unfortunately the achievement of your own goals will be postponed. This is exactly where the Hardcore Booster is the right supplement. Each booster contains ingredients that blow away fatigue during training and increase motivation. The preworkout booster market has been developing rapidly for years and maintains its cult status.

One of the reasons why the Hardcore Booster is constantly changing is surely the constantly changing legal situation. This forces manufacturers to repeatedly find the challenge to find new stimulants that punch in properly, but are harmless to health.
We have created this list especially for you, which is based on our own experiences & hardcore booster reviews and takes into account your response as a customer. Surely one or the other of you will miss a booster here. If this is the case, write us a message. We look forward to your feedback.

We basically take into account that we meet a wide range of athletes. From professional athletes to police officers with training experience spanning several decades. Every hardcore booster can work completely different for every person. Nevertheless, we are sure that the training boosters in this list are worth their money. If you are afraid of the stimulants, train in the evening or hard gainers, a pump booster as a pre-workout is certainly better off.

The best Hardcore Booster 2021 - Our ranking

 Place 1: Undisputed Laboratories Radical Riot Booster

Hardcore Booster

Undisputed Laboratories Radical Riot is currently available in the 3rd version. While in the first version the ingredients were hidden behind a proprietary blend, Undisputed reacted to the strict German guidelines and created a booster with clear ingredients. But just like in the previous versions, this is an extreme hardcore booster. No matter how tired, lacking motivation or annoyed by your busy day. Radical Riot pushes you up to speed. Thanks to the focus, you can concentrate extremely well on the training without being distracted. This is not least due to the ginkgo biloba extract contained in it.

Place 2: Chaos Crew Bring The Chaos Booster

Hardcore Booster
Der Chaos Crew Bring The Chaos stands out extremely due to its presentation. Admittedly nothing new, but unfortunately there are still numerous pre-workouts in which the shrill packaging brings more appearances than being. But this hardcore booster does what it says on the tin. The composition is similar to the Sparta Nutrition octopus. Both boosters contain 200 mg DMHA and 250 mg Eria Jarensis Extract. In our booster tests, we found this composition to be very strong. After taking it, our product testers felt the tingling effect and as it warmed up, the effect became stronger and stronger. This booster should definitely be in experienced hands.

Place 3: APS Nutrition Mesomorph Booster V3

Hardcore Booster
APS Nutrition Mesomorph Booster is a true legend. After all, the Hardcore Booster is an exclusive replacement for the Jack 3D. APS Nutrition Mesomorph gives you an energy kick and focus at its best. This pre-workout is definitely not for beginners.

Place 4: Axe & Sledge Supplements Ignition Switch Booster

Hardcore Booster
Der Axe und Sledge Ignition Switch  is also one of the boosters with Hardcocre stumulants and patented ingredients that greatly increase the energy level. In addition, the Ignition Switch increases blood flow to the muscles. This has the advantage that more nutrients such as Proteins can be stored. This means an extreme advantage for muscle building. But this hardcore booster has another benefit. So he gives an extreme motivation boost without the unpleasant crash afterwards. This Boster has achieved a high level of awareness among our customers, which we can recognize from the numerous additional purchases.

Place 5: Redcon 1 Total War

Hardcore Booster
The Name Redcon1 Total War already tells you everything you need to know. You will feel in the gym that you will go to a real battle. That certainly comes from the extreme tunnel vision and the strong motivation. A less important, but not to be neglected criterion is solubility and taste. But here too the Total War was able to convince us. The booster dissolves excellently and convinced us surprisingly well in terms of taste.

Place 6: Alpha Lion Super Human

Hardcore Booster

Alpha Lion Super Human contains 2-Aaminoisoheptane and other ingredients that make this pre-workout extremely strong due to its composition. However, since we do not allow ourselves to be blinded by a label, this product was also tested and evaluated intensively by our voluntary product testers. The results were clear. Some testers even reported that the effects are reminiscent of the old Chaos and Pain Cannibal Riot. Only when coming down after training did opinions differ widely. While there were some voices reporting a crash, there were also some testers reporting that the booster did not cause an uncomfortable descent.

Place 7: Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Booster

Hardcore Booster

The Pathogen Booster offers an enormous boost in energy thanks to its stimulating compounds made from 350 mg caffeine, 100 mg theobromine and 100 mg Juglans Regia. This already strong combination is additionally improved by the new tasteless Dynamine. It has been scientifically proven that Dynamine increases energy levels, increases endurance and increases the other stimulating compounds contained in Pathogen Boosters.

Why everyone loves hardcore boosters

What makes a booster a real hardcore booster? Pre-workouts that contain special ingredients are called hardcore boosters. These ingredients give you that extra kick. No matter how motivated you are, a hardcore booster will give you the necessary energy.

Hardcore Booster