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L-arginine is a proteinogenic amino acid that only becomes essential for humans under certain circumstances. Proteinogenic means that proteins are formed from this amino acid. L-arginine is produced in the urea cycle from carbamoyl phosphate, L-ornithine and L-aspartate and, among other things, promotes blood circulation in the blood vessels and muscles. Because of this pump, arginine is often used when building muscle. But arginine offers more benefits than a great feeling in the muscle. Arginine is not only used in weight training, but also in arteriosclerosis, erectile dysfunction, to increase libido and even to strengthen the immune system.

Synonyme: L-Arginin

Application: vasodilator and lowering blood pressure

Hoped-for effect: increase in growth hormone production, increase the pump effect during training, alleviation of erectile dysfunction, increased storage of nutrients when used in combination

Proven effect: Increase in growth hormone production, increase the pump effect during training, alleviation of erectile dysfunction, increased storage of nutrients with a combined dosage range and use: In too high a dosage (> 20 g) stomach / intestinal complaints and nausea, possibly herpes

Dosage range and duration of use: For post-workout nutrition 1-3 g, to increase the feeling of pumping 1-5 g directly before training

Natural occurrence: arginine is particularly found in protein-rich foods.

L arginine is often used in pre-workouts and even in sexual enhancers. Arginine is an amino acid and can in part also be taken in with the normal diet.

What is arginine?

Arginine is an amino acid that is particularly found in protein-rich foods. Arginine is a key component in nitric oxide metabolism, which explains its use as a blood pressure reducer and even a sexual enhancer. Years ago, arginine was touted as a natural growth hormone secretion in combination with ornithine, but practice showed that this was once again just an unjustified hype from the supplement industry. Arginine preparations have recently been marketed as vasodilators, which are supposed to increase the feeling of pumping in the trained muscles and at the same time have an anabolic effect. Arginine can be synthesized by the body itself, but often in insufficient quantities, which is why this amino acid is referred to as semi-essential and supplementation with high-protein foods is recommended.

Bodybuilders in particular should benefit from this, as arginine has an anabolic effect: it increases the pump effect in the trained muscles and at the same time increases the secretion of growth hormones. Reason enough to take a closer look at this amino acid.

Arginine for the pump

As mentioned, arginine is a key factor in the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels, the muscles are better supplied with nutrient-rich blood, which also explains the pumping effect that is supposed to occur during use. The advertising even speaks of a permanent pumping effect that persists even after training. Great thing, so in the future it will be throwing in arginine, pumping briefly and then off to the disco. Unfortunately, the advertising here once again exaggerates grossly, which is borne out by the disappointed user reviews. It is true that arginine can certainly increase the pump in the trained muscles - but it is wrong that this pump lasts for hours after the end of the training. So bad news for everyone "Discopumper".

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The fact that arginine has an anabolic effect must be both affirmed and denied. Arginine does not have a direct anabolic property, but the increased blood flow supplies the muscles with more nutrients, which theoretically should result in increased muscle growth over time. It is doubtful whether this effect can actually be measured, especially since arginine would have to be taken regularly for months. The question of whether arginine causes an increased release of growth hormone is also such a thing. Scientific studies report great success, but only with the intravenous administration of extremely high doses in the range of 15-30 g. Such an effect would also occur orally, but to a much lesser extent. What also speaks against the oral ingestion of such insane doses is, on the one hand, the high toxic potential, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems and nausea as well as the development of herpes. In addition, an increase in growth hormone release without a simultaneous increase in testosterone, insulin and thyroid hormone values ??is of no great importance for a possible muscle gain and fat loss.

The effects of arginine

L-arginine increases the production of nitric oxide and supports the blood circulation in the vessels. As a result, the blood vessels expand and the blood flow to the muscles increases. At the same time, increased blood flow ensures an improved supply of nutrients from anabolic hormones, oxygen and water and a faster removal of metabolic products. Arginine lowers the cortisol level and can thus reduce the handling of stressful and anxious situations. In addition, arginine has a positive effect on the body's protein metabolism. To do this, arginine converts ammonia into urea, which prevents this toxic substance from entering the bloodstream.

Arginine for more potency

Since arginine increases the blood flow in the vessels, the erection can also be improved. For this reason, arginine is also often used for erectile dysfunction. This is how the prescription PDE5 inhibitors also work. However, to get the full benefits of arginine, it should be taken regularly. The combination of the amino acids arginine and ornithine have the nice side effect that they are said to have a positive effect on sexual performance. Reason enough to give it a try. Regardless of the increase in potency, arginine is a real turbo amino acid for the entire human organism. However, arginine seems to be promising in erectile dysfunction, in other words "impotence". The enlarged blood vessels due to the increased production of nitric oxide enable more blood to flow into the penis, which is quite conducive to an erection. Arginine is not used as natural Viagra for nothing. Alternatives mixed in.

Arginine and insulin

Another, rather unknown property of arginine is its insulinogenic effect, i.e. it causes the body's own storage hormone insulin to be released. This effect is useful directly after training together with a post-workout shake, which should be rich in simple sugars and easily digestible protein, in order to replenish the memory emptied during training as quickly as possible and to counteract catabolic conditions. For this reason, insiders have been using 1-3 g of arginine with their post-workout diet for some time and speak of good results. This dosage is usually non-toxic and well tolerated.

Arginine intake

In order to get the full effect of arginine, the amino acid should be taken permanently. The effect can only be seen when taken regularly after three to six weeks. To increase blood circulation, arginine is best taken between 30 and 45 minutes before training and after training to promote regeneration and growth. For this reason, the full effect of arginine is only noticed after a certain time and not with the single or occasional use.

Arginine dosage:

The question of the recommended dosage is quickly clarified. To intensify the glycogen and amino acid storage after training, 1-3 g of arginine are used for the post-workout shake. If you are hoping for an increased pump during training, use 1-5 g just before training. This dosage is roughly the same as the amounts used in supplements. Nowadays, arginine is often only available as arginine ketoglutarate. However, if you value pure arginine, you will find it at NOW Foods.

When to take arginine:

30 min. Before training, on non-training days immediately after getting up

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Arginine is available as capsules or in powder form. The effect is of course the same for the dosage forms, they only differ in the way they are taken. While arginine capsules are much more practical to take, arginine powder can be wonderfully used to mix in the pre or post workout shake. We offer you different arginine products in capsule or powder form. You can also get pure arginine from us or also carefully thought-out and assembled combination products with arginine. This is extremely useful for anyone who does not want to mix their own supplements and wants to benefit from the greater benefits.

Arginine in the pre-workout


Thanks to the increase in blood circulation, L-arginine is contained in many pre-workout products and boosters. The combination of arginine with citrulline, creatine and vitamin C is popular. Due to the synergetic effect of this combination, more arginine can be converted into NO (nitrogen oxide), which results in an even stronger effect of all the individual nutrients.

Arginine and its beneficial properties


  • Arginine can be taken in amino tablets or powder form.
  • Arginine increases the release of growth hormones in the body.
  • Arginine promotes muscle building and fat loss.
  • Arginine dilates the blood vessels through an increased nitric oxide content, which results in a better pump when exercising.
  • Due to its vasodilating effect, arginine can ensure better hair growth.
  • Arginine is helpful for heart disease and to strengthen the immune system


Arginine conclusion

As a post-workout supplement, arginine makes perfect sense to intensify the storage of carbohydrates, amino acids and, for example, creatine. It is also recommended to use it for erectile dysfunction and to increase the feeling of pumping during training. However, if you use arginine with the hope of benefiting from increased growth hormone production, you will be disappointed.