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Whey Protein

Whey Protein
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Whey Protein is in addition to casein, another important protein fraction. Whey is produced in the production of cheese and is the liquid that produced when milk coagulate to cheese and curd. The benefit of whey protein is the high proportion of amino acids and the rapid absorption, which is very important, especially after exercise.
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Whey Protein effect

Whey protein (whey protein) is one of the quickly digest proteins whose amino acids are already detect about 45 minutes after taking in the bloodstream. This makes Whey Protein as an optimal pre workout and post-workout protein. It supplies the muscle after training quickly with important amino acids and BCAAs for a fast and lean muscle building. Whey, whey protein therefore is not necessarily suitable as a meal replacement or protein overnight. For this, casein is much better due to its longer residence. The retention of whey protein in the gastrointestinal tract is simply too short.
Whey protein is particularly rich in glutamine and also contains all essential amino acids. In addition, it stimulates a direct route to the production of glutathione (a powerful antioxidant) and thus supports the immune system. This makes the body more resistant to immune diseases. The reason for this could be the high content of cysteine, considered the precursor of glutathione.
Whey protein is now available in different forms

Whey concentrate
Whey Protein Isolate
Whey hydrolyzate
Whey concentrate usually contain everything it has to offer the whey. They have a higher carbohydrate, fat and lactose content. However, all other bioactive growth factors (IGF 1, IGF 2, IgG) and immune modulators are contained in the concentrate.
Whey Isolate is the purer form of whey concentrate. In order for a Whey Isolate is produced, there are two different processes. Firstly, the CFM (cross flow microfiltration) and the Ionic Exchanged (ion exchanged). Whey isolate contains more protein, but less carbohydrates and fats. Moreover, it is almost free of lactose, which makes it even been often tolerated by people with mild lactose intolerance.
Whey hydrolyzate - The Turbo form of whey protein that is enzymatically predigested, that the availability of amino acids is given immediately. The so-called hydrolysis process, the whey protein is split into its fragments, the peptides. The higher the degree of hydrolysis, the better the amino acids can be absorbed by the body, since the Verdauungssysthem part of the work is taken. However, the split amino acids have a small disadvantage. They taste quite bitter, which is why whey hydrolyzate also like protein powder is added to make it even higher quality.