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Whey Isolate

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"Whey isolate"

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  1. What is whey isolate?
  2. What is the difference between whey isolate, whey concentrate and whey hydroisolate?
  3. How is whey isolate made?
  4. What are the benefits of whey isolate?
  5. What are the disadvantages of whey isolate?
  6. Whey isolate for muscle building
  7. Whey isolate for losing weight
  8. How to take whey isolate correctly
  9. What is the best whey isolate?

1. What is whey isolate?

Whey isolate is probably one of the most popular proteins on the market. It is another important type of protein besides the milk protein casein. Whey is a liquid that is produced in cheese production when the milk develops into curd cheese and cheese. So it is one of the most important companions for many fitness athletes and has a high proportion of amino acids such as the BCAA so important for muscle building and protection.

2. How is whey isolate made?

Whey Isolat is manufactured using the patented CFM process (cross-flow microfiltration).

3. What is the difference between whey isolate, whey concentrate and whey hydroisolate?

Since whey protein isolate is even finer in its structure due to the more complex manufacturing process, the amino acids have the possibility of reaching their destination even faster than with a whey protein. Compared to ordinary whey protein, whey isolate has a higher number of amino acids that are available to the body more quickly. This plays a very important role, especially after training.

4. What are the benefits of whey isolate?

Whey isolate contains very little fat and carbohydrates. In combination with the right nutrition, it makes a decisive contribution to the increase in muscle mass. The high protein content and the purity of the protein are factors that play a major role in the choice of product. Whey isolate is ideal for building muscle and maintaining muscle mass.
But whey isolate is also ideal for a diet. So you can specifically pursue your goals or bridge sporting breaks or rest periods. In addition, the protein supports the preservation of the bones, which makes your body more resilient in training and everyday life. It is not always possible to cover the protein requirement only with protein-rich foods. Athletes in particular have an increased protein requirement.

Advantages of whey isolate at a glance
Higher protein content
More glutamine
Less fat
Easily digestible
Is not heavy in the stomach

5. What are the disadvantages of whey isolate?

Whey isolate often has its own taste that takes some getting used to. Since we only have whey isolate from well-known manufacturers in our range, we can say with a clear conscience that these protein powders have a good taste. Due to its higher purity, whey isolate is significantly more expensive than whey concentrates. This can be a disadvantage for athletes on a smaller budget. For particularly motivated athletes, whey isolate is the better choice due to the short absorption time.

6. Whey isolate for muscle building

Whey Isolat works super quickly and is particularly suitable after training. The high BCAA content and glutamine content in the whey isolate makes it the best protein you can do for your muscles for the day and before and / or after your workout. Amino acids are, so to speak, the small building blocks from which the body builds a wide variety of proteins. Almost everything in the body consists of proteins of different sizes. The entire body tissue, such as the muscles, connective tissue, but also skin, hair and nails are proteins. By the way, hormones and enzymes are also the smallest proteins. There are approximately 20 proteinogenic amino acids from which the body makes proteins. While more than half of the required amino acids can be produced by the body itself, 8 or, in some situations, 9 amino acids are essential, i.e. the body cannot produce them itself. These amino acids have to be supplied with food from outside. Under certain circumstances, the need for these amino acids increases. Of course, this also includes desired muscle building, especially through intensive and difficult training. But even in a diet, when the muscles need to be protected, the body needs enough protein or amino acids. The worst thing that can happen is that the body is undersupplied with protein and therefore approaches the valuable and built up muscle protein to gain the required energy.

7. Whey isolate for losing weight

Because of its low fat and carbohydrate content, a whey isolate is the ideal protein powder for the weight loss diet. The body is not burdened unnecessarily and still receives a good portion of protein. Incidentally, a protein-rich diet is particularly advantageous for weight loss. As mentioned above, a whey isolate is the ideal snack when the little craving comes. Depending on which flavor you choose, different desires will be satisfied. The craving for sweets in particular can be ideally dampened with a whey protein.

8. How is whey isolate taken correctly?

Whey isolate is a protein enriched with fast amino acids. Therefore, it can be taken before, after or during training. It has a very good solubility and can be drunk very well as a protein shake. For a whey isolate shake, simply add a measuring spoon, which is usually always in the pack, with whey isolate powder to any liquid.
Since a whey isolate is particularly pure, we recommend the powder in water or vegetable milk, e.g. To give almond milk. For a particularly foamy result, the shake should be mixed with a mixer. Of course, an ordinary protein shaker with a mixing sieve or mixing spiral also does, for which this variant is much more practical in everyday life.
It is always worth having a shaker with some whey isolate powder with you, be it in your sports bag, in the office or at school. How quickly you get a little hungry and a well-known problem among athletes is not getting a suitable snack on the fly. Simply add a little water to the shaker, mix briefly and the little hunger is defeated and the muscles are supplied with enough protein.

9. What is the best whey isolate?

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