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Universal Nutrition

Universal Animal

Universal Nutrition and Universal Animal are prominent names in every gym around the world in the bodybuilding world. Since the time of the first Sandow in 1977, during the golden age of bodybuilding, Universal has been an important part of the large bodybuilding community. Community is the word and concept what Universal Nutrition stands for.

Universal Animal Pump

Because of this, Universal Nutrition is more than just a nutritional supplement company. They are also the developers of the Animal Pump. The mission is to create a strong and positive community around the world. As a family business, Universal Nutrition understands that bodybuilding is more than just a sport. It's a whole lifestyle, a way of thinking about the world we live in. We live this lifestyle and breathe it in every day. We hope you share this vision.

The job of Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition
At Universal Nutrition, they believe in two things. First, that bodybuilding is not just about lifting heavy weights, it is a very special way of living. Bodybuilding can play a positive role in life and personal development. The strength that has been built in the gym is not just the strength of the body, it is also the strength of the character.

The most important universal bodybuilding products are:

The transformation that is taking place applies not only to the body, but also to the inner force. Second, that a community is always stronger than a person. Lifting weights can seem like a lonely activity to an outsider, but it doesn't have to and shouldn't be. Universal Nutrition stands for the mission to bring people together, connect them and strengthen these bonds. After all, we all have one thing in common, the love of iron.

Universal Nutrition Animal

Universal Nutrition Animal once again particularly appeals to the hardcore bodybuilders among you. When you see ambassadors like Frank Mcgrath, it becomes clear to whom the Animal Line is aimed. In 1983 Universal Nutrition launched the Animal Pak and continuously expanded the line with many other highly effective products such as Animal Cuts, Animal Stak, Animal Pump and of course Animal Whey

Universal Nutrition Europe

Universal Nutrition
As the leading bodybuilding shop in Germany, Universal Nutrition is clearly part of our range. Hardly any company understands what passion for iron sports means better than Universal Nutrition.