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9 easy ways to lose weight

13.06.2014 16:26

9 easy ways to lose weight


Our body is a remarkable machine. Even if you have neglected your workout for a long time, you can quickly and efficiently get rid of excess weight and finally achieve your long-awaited dream weight you with 9 steps.


1Throw the scale away!

Adjusting the scale simply because it is doing in the storeroom you with your workout for fat burning no useful services. A fit body is more important than the weight that indicates the balance. Finally, do not play a role in body weight, but that fat is converted to muscle mass. Depend therefore count on your mirror image, and if you are happy with your physique itself. Sure you can use for checking the scale, but it is more important how you feel and how your clothes fit you. So you can determine with greater reliability your training progress.

2 Slow calorie reduction

In any case you should keep your daily calorie intake to be drastically reduced. This results in your body a gnawing feeling of hunger that affects your metabolism. To achieve the best results in burning fat, it is recommended to reduce the calorie intake every two to three weeks.

3 vary caloric intake

By keeping your calorie intake every few days instead of every day veränderst to achieve the same number of calories you control the feeling of hunger and continue to burn unwanted fat. In addition, your metabolism is not impaired.
Dr. Jim Stoppani explains the relationships between metabolism and fat burning so: Although our society today has enough food available, our bodies are designed in such a way to save as much energy for a rainy day. The body manages this task by adjusting the metabolism of caloric intake. If you take each day, the same amount of calories to be, the body will react with a reduced metabolism in order to prevent excessive fat burning. At high leptin values ​​you benefit from a fast metabolism. When leptin levels fall, also the metabolism deteriorated. To increase the leptin values, it is better to vary the caloric intake.

4 weight training

Targeted strength training is one of the best ways to burn fat specifically. Studies have proven that exercise increases with dumbbells as opposed to aerobic calorie burning for up to 39 hours after the exercises. More muscles automatically mean an increased daily calorie burning. Even if you are only interested in burning fat, you should therefore not neglect strength training. So fat is effectively converted into muscle mass (= break down fat and build muscle).

5 workouts with high intensity (HIIT)

To achieve the best results, you should alternate with short rest breaks intense workouts. A great exercise is jumping rope. After a short warm-up you jump for 10 to 20 seconds as fast as possible. Then you make a little quieter on for 30 seconds. Before you begin this exercise, you should be examined by a doctor your heart.

6 Integrate more fatty acids in the diet plan

For fast fat burning and muscle building you should incorporate healthy enough fatty acids in your diet, which also improve your health and affect your heart positive. Polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3 acids from fish or nuts and monounsaturated fatty acids, such as peanut butter, olive oil must be part of your food intake.

7 reduce carbohydrates

To lose body fat, it is important that you stroke carbohydrates such as sugar or starch-rich foods for the most part out of your eating plan. Mainly you should consume carbohydrates that come from foods such as oatmeal or vegetables. We recommend that in the morning or at the time the workouts take a lot of the carbohydrates to be.

8 More Protein

In order to increase your metabolism and maintain your muscle mass, protein-containing foods are absolutely necessary. Your body burns a lot more calories when you consume proteins. A study by the American Journal of Physiology provides the evidence: A test group fed on a diet high in protein content, while the other group received only a low amount of protein. The people in the first test group benefited from a rapid fat burning. Even without a strenuous workout, you can considerably down in muscle mass with the daily consumption of protein-containing dietary supplements.

9 6 small meals per day

You'd better six small meals spread throughout the day eat two to three lavish meals. So you are supplying your body with adequate nutrients to build muscle and burn fat. An added bonus is that your metabolism is increased and not develop feelings of hunger.

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