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Acai Berry

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This wonderful berry from South America has triggered a real hype with us and rightly so. The Acai berry from South America is a small power berry that contains abundant vitamins and anti-oxidants. After it has rumored how easy it is to enhance the acai berry's shake, smoothie or breakfast, the acai berry has also prevailed among us.

Açaí berry

So high above is the acai berry harvested. The Acai berries grow on over 25 meter high palm trees in the Amazon area. Since they are very spoiled during transport, the fresh berries can only be enjoyed directly in South America. Since the berries consist of 80% core, the direct enjoyment is not necessarily recommended. But the Acai berry products like powder, fruit puree and juices offer really great possibilities to use the valuable nutrients.

Acai berry - The berry with miracle

The Acai berry is richly saturated with vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid. These healthy nutrients strengthen the immune system and supply the body with energy. The most interesting thing about this miracle is the antioxidants contained in it. These capture free radicals from the cells attack and also promote the construction of new ones. This function of the antioxidants has a positive effect on the aging process and also helps against diseases, e.g. Has been demonstrated that can destroy the antioxidants in people suffering from leukemia, cancer cells. In addition, the blood flow is supported and thus a thrombosis can be prevented. In addition, the Acai berry will stimulate the metabolism and thereby also help with fat reduction.

Acai berry the superfood

Because of its high nutrient density the Acai berry is counted as the so-called superfoods. Superfood refers to foods which contain a high proportion of nutrients on a small quantity. Even though Suprfoods have no magical powers, they can have a positive effect on mental and physical well-being. Finally, it is easy to upgrade the menu with a few vital substances.


A special nutrient in the acai berry are the anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are secondary crops, so-called bioflavonoids, which occur in blue, violet, red or blue-green fruits and vegetable varieties. They are among the strongest antioxidants from nature and protect the cells from aging and degeneration. In order to protect themselves from perspiration, some plants formed special substances called polyphenols. Blue and red anthocyanins are a subgroup of these polyphenols and protect particularly intensively by eliminating cell-damaging free radicals. Anthocyanins are even suspected of being cancer, as they alleviate the inflammatory processes and at the same time activate the apoptosis (self-destruction) of cancer cells.

Acai Berry Diet

Even if there is no direct evidence of losing weight with Acai berries, the berries in a diet can prove to be extremely helpful. As the acai berry regulates the blood glucose level, it can prevent hot throat attacks. Frequently it is the cravings that lead a diet to fail. With the saved calories can be lost quite quickly a few pounds, without the quality of life is restricted. In addition, the berries are rich in fiber, which also lasts longer. At the same time, dietary fiber has a positive effect on digestion. In the case of foods rich in fiber, it is extremely important to drink a lot afterwards, as the fibers are swollen and provide a feeling of satiety and stimulate the intestinal activity. In addition, they can even lower cholesterol levels in the blood, which also has a positive effect on health

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If you are doing sport, you have to pay attention to a vitamin-rich diet. American Supps offers you a very wide selection of bodybuilding supplements and food supplements. We always look for high quality products and the best manufacturers. The Acai berry not only tastes extremely good, but also offers many other positive qualities for our body. At American Supps you can buy great Acai berry products and buy Acai berry.

Buy the best Acai Berry

With us, you can buy the Acai berry from high-quality organic cultivation, either as practical acai capsules, detox powders to quickly upgrade all foods or as an acai juice in the practical drinking bottle to go. So you always have a quick vitamin cocktail with you. The different products are suitable for which purpose.

Acai Berry capsules

If you want to benefit even more easily from the benefits of the Acai berry, there are the practical Raab Vital Food Acai capsules. With us you will find the best organic acai berries with the best from the acai berry. Acai Capsules Buy Acai Berries Acai capsules, like the ones from Raab Vital Food, are especially useful to get into the benefits of the Acai berry. Raab Vitalfood uses only the best raw materials and controls all products for residues and the promised nutrient and vital nutrient content. For the Acai capsules, the berries are harvested by hand and gently processed. Per capsules the Raab Bio Acaic Capsules contain 10 mg polyphenols and 1.2 mg anthocyanins. The capsules contain only Acaipüre acacia powder and lemon juice from controlled organic cultivation in Brazil. As a coating medium for the capsule is used hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, which is why the Raab Acai capsules is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Buy Acai Powder

Acai Berry With an Acai Powder you can easily refine your muesli, shakes, smoothies, yoghurt and dessert dishes. Simply add two teaspoons to any drink or food and the meal will get a concentrated amount of nutrients. The Acai Powder from Fine Fruits comes from controlled organic farming and consists of almost 100% Acaipulver. Only 0.2% of limpet juice is included. For the acai powder, the freshly harvested acai berries are gently freeze-dried and finely ground. This ensures that the valuable vital substances are retained. The Acai Powder has an exhilarating herb-sweet taste that completes the taste of the food. The Acai Bowls, which have triggered a real boom in the Internet, are particularly popular. Also for this purpose the Acai powder is excellently the imagination free run. For an Acai Bowl, simply eat healthy foods such as fruit, nuts and seeds in a large bowl.