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PVL Mutant Mass

10.06.2014 13:34


PVL Mutant Mass


A company from Canada make it stand out more and more platforms on social media. Either by "Hulk" similar to bodybuilders or very positive reviews because of their products.

However, many questions arise from people who are not very familiar with Supplements:
"Good for the stuff that really?", "Is not it all just marketing and show?", "Quite expensive right?".
We have the two most popular products viewed and tested more accurate.
Mutant Mass:
At first glance, Mutant Mass seems to be a normal "mass-gainer". On 4 Scoops offers Mutant Mass just over 1000 calories, rich in carbohydrates and protein. Many overlook at the point the amino acid profile, because PVL Mutant worked intensively on a modified amino acid profile. On 4 Scoops obtained nearly 52g of protein which more than 30g of BCAAs and glutamine is. That there really is nowhere!
Besides the fact it anyway the least "mass-gainer" create a carbohydrate / protein ratio of 2 to 1 in their products to offer.
"I will not build mass, then I do not need that too!"
This sentence one hears in the studio when you hear people talk about "mass-gainer". Mutant Mass is something special here. Due to the good carbohydrate-protein ratio, the product is also ideal as a meal replacement (2 Scoops) or together with Mutant Whey as a post workout shake (1 scoop whey, 1 scoop Mass)
The taste:
Triple Chocolate is probably one of the best flavors I've ever taste. Whether 1 scoop, 2 ... or 4! The taste is phenomenal!
Mutant Whey:
One criterion that you always hear is "22g protein on a 36g scoop, that's bad!". Unfortunately, many at this point do not understand why it is not so bad as expected. Even with Mutant Whey modified PVL Mutant the amino acid profile so that it is much better quality than normal!
Moreover Mutant Whey is one of the best Wheys there is, as far as the taste and accurately so that the company also advertises. From an interview I quote here: "We would like all Wheyprodukte on a 30g scoop, can provide 25g protein, but then the product would taste hanging behind. We want to look forward to on his shake and does not have to choke down it! "
At these words, I can not add anything more, because they are true 100%!
Hightlights & recommendations:
- Post-workout shake: 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop Mass
- Meal Replacement: 2 Scoops Mass
- Weight-Gainer: 4 Scoops Mass
- Over 30g glutamine + BCAAS
- Optimal modified amino acid profile
- Great Taste!
The products:
Next: Mutant Mayhem & Mutant Rehab TEST! Stay tuned!

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