Water retention

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Not everything that glitters is gold . And not everything that looks like fat is fat! Often it 's like this: You train hard regularly , eat extremely healthy , low fat, no carbs . Nevertheless, there remains a layer of fat on the abdomen.

Often this has another reason : fluid retention
Water, which accumulates directly under the skin,often has the same appearance as a layer of fat . What causes water retention ?

There are many reasons why accumulate water in your cells , certain foods , certain supplements , certain habits :

milk products contain variety of growth hormones - milk is for calves meant to grow- this is expected to increase as much weight. In addition, it is mainly lactose, which causes the body to store water. In most cases, the water then collects under the skin.

Carbohydrates bind a large amount of water ! The more carbohydrates you take , the higher the water retention in the body.

Salt -rich diet can also help to ensure that water collects in the body.

Creatin is a water retainer aswell. Not only as a supplement , but also on the taking over the meat ,.
But How do I dehydrate my body?

Luckily, there are some tips on how to dehydrates the body . First, you should at any case try to curb your consumption of dairy products . In addition, it is recommended to take only the minimum amount of salt. Supplements such as Creain should be taken only in a cure.

Nettle tea dehydrated your body . Drink two cups a day .

Rice runs the collected water from your body - like a sponge !

Drink a lot ! If you suffer from excess body water , then do a water cure times - 4-5 liters a day!

Fruits and vegetables regulate your water balance.

Posing between sets or at home in front of the mirror squeezed excess water from your body .

Conclusion . Water or fat ? This is not easy to say. Try it and notice the tips , maybe its water and not fat in your body ...

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Claudia, 19.01.21 10:40

Ich habe erst gedacht warum ist mein Bauch denn so schwabbelig? Es hat gedauert aber ich kam dann darauf dass es Wassereinlagerungen sein könnten.

Anonym, 03.07.17 09:37

Es lohnt sich wirklich zu schauen, ob man zu viel Fett oder Wassereinlagerungen hat. ich dachte auch lange Zeit, ich müsste die Diät strenger halten, dabei lag es wirklich nur an zu viel Wasser im Gewebe.