Arnold Classic 2023 all results and winners

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Arnold Classic 2023 Ergebnisse

photo: instagram/arnoldsports

Arnold Classic 2023 All Results

Samson Dauda wins the Arnold Classic 2023 Men's Open!

The Arnold Classic has returned to its usual time of the first week of March since last year, kicking off the bodybuilding season of the year.

The whole weekend was dedicated to various sporting events.

The best athletes on the scene competed in the 7 bodybuilding and fitness classes.

However, Samson Dauda led the event by winning the Men's Open!

The competition in the Men's Open was decent. At the start of the weekend, Samson Dauda was considered the favorite due to his incredible success over the past few years.


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The Arnold Classic 2023 consisted of a total of seven divisions:

  1. Men’s Open
  2. Classic Physique
  3. Fitness
  4. Wellness
  5. Pro Wheelchair
  6. Men’s Physique
  7. Bikini

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Arnold Classic 2023 - All winners

These are all winners of the Arnold Classic 2023

Men’s Open: Samson Dauda
Classic Physique: Ramon Rocha Queiroz
Fitness: Ariel Khadr
Wellness: Kassandra Gillis
Pro Wheelchair: Harold Kelley
Men’s Physique: Erin Banks
Bikini: Lauralie Chapados

Arnold Classic 2023 Men’s Open Ergebnisse

1st place: Samson Dauda
2nd place: Nick Walker
3rd place: Andrew Jacked
4th place: Big Ramy
5th place: Shaun Clarida
6th place: Akim Williams

Ed Corney Best Poser Award: Andrew Jacked

Franco Columbu Most Muscular Award: Nick Walker

Arnold Classic 2023 Classic Physique Results

1st place: Ramon Rocha Queiroz
2nd place: Urs Kalecinski
3rd place: Alex Cambronero
4th place: Mike Sommerfeld
5th place: Courage Opara
6th place: Junior Javorski
7th place: Jason Brown

Arnold Classic 2023 Wellness Results

1st place: Cassandra Gillis
2nd place: Angela Borges
3rd place: Rayane Fogal
4th place: Alexis Adams
5th place: Marissa Andrews
6th place: Andrea Hrenko
7th place: Amanda Burnett
8th place: Sunny Andrews

Arnold Classic 2023 Fitness Results

1st place: Ariel Khadr
2nd place: Jaclyn Baker
3rd place: Michelle Freda-Mensah
4th place: Allison Kramer
5th place: Terra Plum
6th place: Tiffany Chandler
7th place: Tamara Vahn
8th place: Minna Pajulahti
9th place: Kristin Pope

Arnold Classic 2023 Pro Wheelchair Results

1st place: Harold Kelley
2nd place: Tory Jones
3rd place: Bradley Betts
4th place: Woody Belfort
5th place: James Berger
6th place: Tim Caldwell

Arnold Classic 2023 Bikini Results

1st place: Lauralie Chapados
2nd place: Maureen Blanquisco
3rd place: Jennifer Dory
4th place: Ashley Kaltwasser
5th place: Romina Basualdo
6th Place: Ivanna Escandar

Arnold Classic 2023 Men’s Physique Results

1st place: Erin Banks
2nd place: Diogo Montenegro
3rd Place: Emmanual Hunter
4th place: Vitor Chaves
5th place: Carlos DeOliveria
6th place: Edvan Ferreira Palmeria

Title photo: instagram/arnoldsports