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Best Sex Booster 2023

Note: This blog is constantly updated so that we can always present you the best sex boosters of the current year!!!!

Sex boosters? What is that supposed to be? We're actually a supplement shop for bodybuilding sports nutrition :) What's a blog about sex boosters doing here? Well, as we all know, regeneration is particularly important for building muscle. This includes relaxation of any kind.

Since we also offer a wide range of dietary supplements to promote general health in our shop, there are of course also various products to promote healthy sexuality.

These supplements are usually based on herbal ingredients and can be taken by women and men. While for men it is usually about better stability and stamina, women often need an incentive to feel pleasure during sex.

Very often, many women have the problem that they are tense and cannot enjoy sex at all. It doesn't always have to be because of the wrong guy.

Since sex boosters are becoming increasingly popular and it is often a sensitive topic for those affected, there are numerous manufacturers who want to establish themselves on the market with them. Unfortunately, the promise of sexual stamina can often be used to make quick money and there are countless products on the market that are unfortunately not worth the money. Therefore, with this blog we would like to introduce you to the best sex boosters for 2023.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Ranking

The best sex boosters 2023 – our ranking

Our sex booster ranking is based on personal tests in our bedrooms at home, as well as on your many reviews. Since a sex booster does not necessarily have the same effect on everyone, the ranking does not have a fixed order except for the first three places.

In our opinion, the sex boosters that we present to you here all have their different advantages. However, the first three that we placed in these positions based on your clear feedback were clear.

We'll say a few words about each sex booster by discussing the strengths or weaknesses we've noticed. If you are looking for more information about the respective sex boosters, simply click on the picture and you will land directly in the item description.

We have created this list especially for you, which is based on our own experiences & SEX Booster Reviews and takes into account the feedback from our customers. You can certainly view the topic of sex boosters critically, but let it be said that products that stimulate blood circulation can have an enormous effect on the lower body region.

We're not talking about Viagra or the like here, but about products that can give your sexuality a kick-start. Anyone suffering from severe erectile dysfunction should contact their trusted doctor.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Undisputed Laboratories Libidogen

Undisputed Laboratories Libidogen is an all-in-one product that we and some product testers have tested for a long time and several times. The promises of this product were really very bold. It is said to promote potency and stamina, meaning that it takes longer for the man to reach orgasm. The excitement came on much faster and was also harder.

We don't know whether it was really because of the libidogen, but the fact is that everyone could last longer.

Even though the product says Man on it, we also gave it to some women to test, but only one capsule instead of the recommended dose of two. What was interesting was that it worked for the women so that they were also aroused more quickly, but they reached orgasm much quicker and easier. What is absolutely undesirable for men is desirable for women. Who doesn't want to make their girlfriend orgasm multiple times? The libidogen can be taken in two ways.

Either individually before sexual activity or daily to build up a constant level. There were two other nice side effects when taken daily. On the one hand, the annoying fat deposits on the stomach and hips were reduced and on the other hand, mental concentration was stronger. If you look at the predominantly herbal ingredients, that makes sense.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Undisputed Laboratories Libidogen Woman

There is the Undisputed Laboratories Woman especially for women. In lower doses, the holistic plant extract can help women increase libido and improve general well-being.

Best Sex Booster 2023 American Supps

American Supps Tribulus is primarily a product that is intended to increase natural testosterone levels. But the male sex hormone plays an important role in sexuality. More testosterone means more desire for sex.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Alpha-T

ALPHA-T is designed to optimize free testosterone. Total testosterone is important for increasing sexual desire and especially stamina (steadiness). Alpha T contains so-called phyto-nutrients to promote the power of natural testosterone, so you can perform better both during training and in the bedroom.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Fadogia Agrestis

Fadogia Agrestis was discovered here in Germany by the well-known doctor from the USA Dr. Andrew Huberman known. In his studies, Dr. Huberman reports an increase in LH hormone, which stimulates the production of testosterone in the Leydig cells of the testes. Fadogia Agrestis has long been used in African traditional medicine to support men's health, increase sexual desire and fertility.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Undisputed Turkesterone

Undisputed Laboratories Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid. Ecdysteroids are hormonal steroids in plants and are currently one of the most popular natural herbal ingredients in testosterone boosters. Turkesterone is therefore the ideal support as a sex booster. You can find more information about Turkesterone and what it can do in our bodybuilding magazine. Click here.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Universal Nutrition Tribulus

Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro is also a sex booster based on the plant extract Tribulus. Tribulus increases the so-called LH (luteinizing hormone), which triggers the production of testosterone in the testicles.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Redcon1 11 Bravo

In order for your body to build dry muscle mass, an optimal environment must be created. The MTOR contained in the Redcon1 11 Bravo serves as a central regulator for increased protein biosynthesis. This allows the body to build up significantly more mass with appropriate performance, nutrition and regeneration.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Tongkat Ali

Of course, no Tongkat Ali should be missing from a sex booster. The plant extract has long been used in traditional medicine to increase virility. With DNA Sports Tongkat Ali you have a high-quality Tongkat Ali product.

Best Sex Booster 2023 Animal Stak

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak is a combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and patented compounds. In addition to increasing testosterone, it should even be possible to minimize estrogen. Estrogen, which can also increase libido.

Best Sex Booster 2023 buy cheap online

Are sex boosters even useful?

Whether a sex booster makes sense always depends on what you expect from it and what the cause of the problem is. Most products are based on blood circulation-promoting properties such as arginine. Increased blood flow also stimulates the blood vessels in the genitals.

This results in a stronger erection for men and an increased libido for women. This means that women feel pleasure more quickly. Another effect of a sex booster is to increase natural testosterone levels.

This is often done through natural substances such as Tribulus and Maca. Higher testosterone levels mean more desire. These active ingredients have been used in naturopathy for many years to stimulate sexuality.

If serious health problems are ruled out, our sex boosters can work wonders. Our female testers reported that they reached orgasm much more quickly and the sex act itself felt much more intense.

Sex Booster Side Effects

Achtung – Gibt es Nebenwirkungen bei der häufigen Verwendung von Sex Boostern?

Die meisten Sex Booster enthalten je nach Produkt Inhaltsstoffe, die bei regelmäßiger Einnahme zu keinen ernsthaften Nebenwirkungen führen. Dennoch empfehlen wir einen Arzt aufzusuchen, falls grundsätzlich Bedenken hinsichtlich des Gesundheitszustandes vorliegen.

Wann und wie nehme ich einen Sex Booster ein?

Wir raten grundsätzlich, sich immer an die Angaben des Herstellers zu halten. Produkte, die zur Steigerung des Testosteronspiegels eingenommen werden, sollten täglich eingenommen werden. Reine Sex Booster wie der Libidogen können durchaus auch vor dem Akt eingenommen werden.

Das solltest Du bei der Einnahme eines Sex Booster beachten

Sex Booster sind keine Zaubermittel. Das heißt die Umstände sollten schon stimmen. Beide sollten einen freien Kopf haben und sich nicht unter Druck gesetzt fühlen.

sex booster naturally

Sex booster naturally

Of course, you can also boost your libido naturally. The most natural libido booster is good self-esteem and sincere feelings towards a person. To improve your self-image, you should definitely do some exercise. Improving your muscle tone and fitness through endurance training is the right push for your self-image.

You will feel confident and good and your sexual health will probably improve too. Don't underestimate the potential power that yoga can bring you.

This counts for both men and women.
Stress is a factor that should not be underestimated when it comes to problems in bed. Make sure you find relaxation together in everyday life. Do something nice and stop arguing about little things.

Since reduced blood flow can often lead to erectile dysfunction, anything that leads to constriction should be avoided. These include, for example, smoking, lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet with too many animal fats. You can control a lot through your diet.

Foods that work as sex boosters

It's better to avoid too many hydrogenated fats and opt for healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and flaxseeds more regularly.
Foods rich in potassium. These include dates or bananas. Potassium can reduce blood flow in the lower regions and thus influence the climax.

Foods containing zinc, potassium and selenium can also have a positive effect on libido. These include, for example, eggs and oysters.

best sex booster 2023 conclusion

Best Sex Booster 2023 conclusion

Sex boosters can be an excellent support for your sex life. They can increase libido and prolong erection. They allow women to reach orgasm more easily and feel more pleasure during sex. However, like all dietary supplements, it is important that other factors are taken into account.