Chest, shoulder, biceps

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Chest, shoulder, Biceps

You want to work on your body, but have no idea of ​​anatomy? That will change with the new line around muscle function and training. We tell you what you need to know for a broad body.

The chest muscles

It covers almost the entire chest and characterizes its contour. Viewed from the front signaled a well-trained chest muscles athleticism and strength. If you press with the arms, the chest muscles is needed. In addition, she pulls your upper arm to the body and rotates it inward. All these movements you can use it to build strength or increase your strength endurance. You have to work only with a certain resistance. The best: you combine exercise with each other. So if you increase the tension in the muscle, the exercise is more effective.
   bench press or pull the cable cross are well suited here.

The triceps

It consists of three parts and is located on the back of your upper arm. You want muscular upper arms? Then, making a well developed triceps optically clearly been more than his opponent, the biceps. The object of the triceps is to straighten your elbows. Its body-hugging long head pulls additionally your upper arm to the body and leads him to the rear. Since the movements "stretch elbow" "arm forward" and often combined, something on the bench press, the triceps often supported the chest muscles. So on a day of training chest and triceps muscles to train makes especially sense.
Practice Tip: bench press and dips triceps is already vorermüdet. You therefore do not need any more as many sets to train them.

The shoulder muscle

The triangular shoulder muscle gives your shoulder their round shape and consists of three parts: the front, middle and rear. The front portion carries your upper arm forward, pulling him close to the body and rotates it inward. The mean proportion speizt the arm away from the body. To lead him back to refer to the body and outward to rotate is the task of the rear portion. You see: For these sometimes opposing functions you need different exercises to train optimally to all three components.

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