Keone Pearson - Age, Height and Weight of Mr Olympia 2023 (212)

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Keone Pearson

Keone Pearson

Foto: instagram/keone_prodigy

NAME: Keone Pearson
178 cm
90-95 kg
28 (02/23/1995)

In the world of bodybuilding there are many talents who have found their way onto the stage and achieved impressive success. One of these rising stars is Keone Pearson, an athlete who has captured the hearts of fans and made a name for himself in the 212 bodybuilding class.

From the beginning he showed a remarkable predisposition for physical fitness and strength. Over the years, he developed his interest in bodybuilding and started working intensively on his body. His ambitious pursuit of perfection and his dedication to the sport led him to quickly gain a foothold in the bodybuilding scene.

Keone Pearson's road to a bodybuilding star

Keone Pearson's journey into professional bodybuilding has been one of hard work, determination and passion for his sport. He competed in various competitions and continually showed impressive progress in terms of muscle mass and definition. Ultimately, he won the hearts of fans and the attention of experts.

During these years, Pearson achieved considerable success. His impressive stage presence and commitment to his posing routines made him a crowd favorite. Fans loved his combination of muscle mass, definition and aesthetics.

Keone Pearson Mr Olympia 2023 (212)

A highlight of Keone Pearson's career was undoubtedly his victory at the 2023 Mr. Olympia finals in the men's 212 bodybuilding class. In an epic contest held on Friday evening, November 3rd, he defeated reigning champion Shaun Clarida to capture his first 212 Olympic title. This victory marked a significant milestone in his career and confirmed his position as a rising star in bodybuilding.

Keone Pearson's future in bodybuilding seems bright. With his talent, dedication and tireless work ethic, he will undoubtedly continue to dominate the stage and win the hearts of fans. It will be exciting to see how his career develops in the coming years.

Overall, Keone Pearson is a remarkable athlete who has earned his place in the world of bodybuilding. His rise from the beginning to winning the Mr. Olympia is inspiring and shows that with hard work and dedication great things can be achieved. We look forward to following his future successes and continuing his journey in bodybuilding.

Keone Pearson - Championships and achievements


  • NPC Junior USAs, Men’s Classic Physique – Klasse A, 1. Place


  • IFBB Tampa Pro, Men’s Classic Physique, 2. Place


  • IFBB Arnold Classic, USA Pro, Men’s Classic Physique, 4. Place
  • IFBB New York Pro Show, Men’s Classic Physique, Place
  • IFBB Olympia, Herren Classic Physique, Place


  • IFBB Chicago Pro, Herren-Bodybuilding – bis 212 Pfund, 1. Place


  • IFBB Chicago Pro, Herren-Bodybuilding – bis 212 Pfund, 1. Place
  • IFBB Olympia Pro, Herren-Bodybuilding – bis 212 Pfund, 14. Place


  • IFBB Tampa Pro, Herren-Bodybuilding – bis 212 Pfund, 1. Place
  • IFBB Olympia, 212 Bodybuilding, 6. Place


  • IFBB Texas Pro, 212 Bodybuilding, 1. Place
  • Mr Olympia 212 Herren-Bodybuilding, 1. Place

Keone Pearson training plan

Monday: Arms and shoulders
Tuesday: Hamstrings and quadriceps
Closed on Wednesdays
Thursday: back
Friday: Chest
Saturday: abs
Sunday: break

Keone Pearson nutrition plan

Keone Prodigy himself says that nutrition is the biggest challenge in bodybuilding. Keone eats tilapia, chicken, asparagus and broccoli every day..

Cover photo: instagram/keone_prodigy


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