Lazar Angelov Six-Pack training

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Lazar Angelov Six-Pack training

The training plan by Lazar Angelov was already discussed in a previous article. In this article let us dedicate ourselves to what he is probably best known around the world. For his brutal defined six pack abs. As trained Lazar Angelov his stomach? What is necessary for this? These questions will be clarified here.

Lazar Angelov starts quite aggressive with his abdominal training. It begins with crunches on the incline bench (about 30 degrees in the angle to the negative) with additional weight and combined the whole supersetted with hanging leg raises on the pull-up bar. Here he turns his legs each each iteration alternately obliquely to the side. In general it can be stated at this point that Lazar Angelov makes between the different exercises short to very short breaks, what should maximize the intensity of the workout. So he continued his training program with a bent leg raises continue on Dipmachine. It is striking that Lazar focused on his lower abdomen. This has the following reason: the upper abdominal muscles is much easier to stamp out than the lower. This is namely it visible only at a very very low body fat percentage. Since Lazar Angelov but has a body fat content of about 5%, it focuses on the muscles, which is most difficult to stamp out.
He continues with partial body lifting. He here uses a dumbbell and trained in the block change one page. He combined this exercise with the so-called "Side Twists" (Körpereindrehen with a barbell on your neck Down). This exercise helps especially while the famous "Cuts" on the sides up in the genital area to get. It should however be stressed that these cuts will only become visible when the body fat percentage accordingly low.
Lazar Angelov is implementing this program twice a week. Once his arm or chest program and once after his leg training.

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Anonym, 07.07.17 11:37

Lazar Angelov und sein Sixpack rauben mir echt jede Nacht den Schlaf. Der Mann ist ein Traum