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Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg is impressive with a height of 173cm  and 82 kilogram still also at the age of 41 years. For the new movie Pain & Gain who comes into our cinemas in August 2013, he plays along with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) a criminal bodybuilders.
Pain & Gain based on the eponymous story of the authors Pete Collins, which was published in New Times magazine in 1999. The story is about a bodybuilder gang, who were known as Miami's Sun Gym. They kidnapped businessmen who first extorted and then murdered. Marc Wahlberg prepared intensively before with a special workout and a diet for that movie role. The following training and nutrition plan for the movie Pain & Gain.
Mark Wahlbergs workout for the movie Pain & Gain
It is believed that Mark Wahlberg integrated with Supersets workouts in his training schedule 30 to 40 minutes.

Mark Wahlberg training day 1: Training Plan for legs, her back and biceps

Lunges with dumbbells »4 sets (8 -. Whd 12)
Leg Curls »4 sets (8-12 Whd.)
Squats »4 sets (8-12 Whd.)
Bent Over Row with Barbell, prevented »4 sets (8-12 Whd.)
Pull-ups "x 4 sets (8-12 Whd.)
Dumbbell Curls "x 4 sets (8-12 Whd.)

Mark Wahlberg training day 2: Training plan for chest, shoulders and triceps

Flat Bench Press »4 sets (8-12 Whd.)
Incline bench press with dumbbells »4 sets (8 -. Whd 12)
Press triceps, lying »4 sets (8 -. Whd 12)
Triceps Extensions on the cable pulley »4 sets (8-12 Whd.)
Arnold Press, seated »4 sets (8-12 Whd.)
Pulling cable crossovers »4 sets (8-12 Whd.)
Pushups »3 sets to failure
Mark Wahlberg training day 3: Training plan from training day 1, but without back exercises

Day 4 and Day 5 - No training plan, only regeneration

Mark Wahlberg eating plan

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson have been preparing for her new movie "Pain & Gain" with an intense workout and strict diet plan. Mark Wahlberg integrated into his diet plan many meals and a mass gainer, which should also provide for an increase in weight. In several interviews Wahlberg confirmed that he had taken daily for up to ten meals. He followed a strict 24 hours diet plan, which had often forced him to eat and to drink more protein shakes at night. He often began in the morning at 2.00 clock with the first meal, although he was still saturated from his last meal ingested the night before. The necessary supplement for these "crazy diet", he developed together with the American company GNC, one of the world's largest companies for dietary supplements.

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