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Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance is a diet that was developed by Wolf Funfack and Silvia Bürkle and sold by Metabolic balance GmbH & Co. KG, based in Isen . The licensor company provides the holistic aspect of physical well-being in the foreground and refers to the weight loss only as a desirable side effect. Metabolic balance is due to its lack of scientific standards in the criticism.

Personal diet plan

For a personal diet food master plan is created. For this purpose, 36 blood tests are analyzed , evaluated ( his own body measurements , weight, medical history , medications , likes and dislikes for food ) using a proprietary computer program, and re-examined on the basis of output data from the respective advisors with the personal data of the subscriber . The framework contains the allowed foods also rules of conduct and is of the self-employed carers, mostly doctors or medical practitioner , passed with explanatory remarks in an interview to the participant of the program.
The diet
Phase 1: Preparation phase

The body is prepared as in all popular diet programs , using lighter food and defecation by a mild laxative or an enema to the actual diet . The preparation phase takes only 2 days.
Phase 2: strict conversion phase

All foods are divided into certain categories, such as meat , fish, seafood , poultry, vegetables, fruits etc. At each meal , a high protein food with a carbohydrate-containing ( high molecular weight) is combined , the respective amounts are given. In addition, should an individual certain amount wholemeal rye bread or rye crispbread and a variety of fruit are eaten. The allowed foods in the categories and quantities shall be determined on the basis of personal data and laboratory values ​​. Phase lasts at least 14 days.
Phase 3: loose phase

The categories and foods are enhanced compared to Phase 2 . Participants will also test in the light of the strict phase transition experiences even the individually correct amounts of food . Likewise, a breach of the diet plan is even allowed and recommended in the week. At the same time to be careful experimenting with non- listed food , which is to ensure that the foods are natural and have a low glycemic load .
Phase 4: Maintenance Phase

The knowledge gained in the previous phases eight basic rules to keep. The dieter should keep special attention to healthy eating.

The diet plans include a dose of 30 to 35 ml of water per kilogram of body weight a day, as recommended by most nutrition companies. The assortment of foods keeps the glycemic load low. Similarly, the dieter may change at any time in an earlier phase or start all over again . The recommendation of the primary nutrients is balanced with carbohydrates about 45 % , about 35 % fats , 20% proteins . The food is sufficient to meet roughly from the individual basal metabolic rate.
Economic considerations

The company licenses in more than thirty countries and made ​​more than 3,500 caregivers from . The still active supervisor charged in addition to the costs for the various diet plans and an annual license fee .

According to Funfack the company created with the computer program each month to 10,000 diet plans , for which the supervisor each pay € 80. The company recommends that the diet does not provide the end-user under 360 €, because the individual participant support is an important part of the program and at least ten appointments should include .

Since manufacturers treat the program as a trade secret is unknown, according to what criteria the computer program food plans created . This makes it difficult to make a scientifically sound statement . Because of this lack of transparency , and given the relatively high price , warns the Consumer Bavaria ago Metabolic balance.

The High Rhine Institute for Rehabilitation Research Bad Säckingen led on behalf of the company by a twelve-month study to determine the effectiveness . The results have been available since October 2009. It was thus determined that in 12 months on average from 4.4 to 6.8 kg, this is decreased, which is rated as successful. However, please note that this is not necessarily due to the computer-generated plan, but can just as well be due to the strict self- discipline that you are willing to comply because of the high costs. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung , the Institute also works not irrespective of Funfacks Metabolic balance GmbH, but is rather itself the " Contractor" and was developing for the GmbH ( as at 23 August 2011) a quality assurance program .

A further problem is that in most cases no trained medical doctor or dietitian care companies , but only by the Institute licensed " Metabolic Balance coach ." Since the participants do not learn in the long run , in principle, to feed different and sufficiently physically move is after a short time to expect a Jojo effect. Metabolic Balance is not recommended from a nutritional medical point of view .

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