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Protein Bars in different flavors : tasty, rich and cheap online at

The ideal training Supporter: protein bars in different flavors

When training is very intensive, it can sometimes lead to real food cravings. Food is not prohibited during training but it should at least be rich of  protein and vitamins. In such Situations a healthy protein bar is best! You will find exactly the right product at American Supps .

Take a look at our well-equipped shop and get the information about  individual brands.Zing, Raw Organic , Carb Conscious , Cytosport , Universal Nutrition and ISS. Additionally you will also find a protein shake in different flavors in our shop. You will find your favorite flavor . From Cookies & Cream to Blueberry Cheesecake and more.

Protein bars for vegetarians and vegans

Our goal is to expand our range steadily.. If you are looking for a specific protein bar that is healthy and also allows light and fluffy and fits into your training plan, you´re doing best with american- supps.