Shoulder Training

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Shoulder Training

The shoulder training has often secondary importance to many fitness plans . But a powerful shoulder widened the upper body and makes him look massive. The shoulder consists of three parts. All units should be trained in shoulder training alike, as shown in the following diagram.

Exercise 1: neck press barbell

Neck presses can be done standing or sitting. When seated, you can perform the exercise cleaner, thus the position for beginners is suitable. In practice, one summarizes the barbell slightly wider than shoulder width. When lowering the bar should be controlled and moved slowly behind your head. The upper arms and lower arms form an angle slightly smaller than 90 ° in the end position. When stretching, exhale. The arms are not fully extended.

Practice 2: Lateral Raises Dumbbell

When lateral raise the dumbbells are at your sides. Forearms and upper arms are bent. The more acute the angle, the easier the exercise. It is important that the arms are always in tension, so that the joints are not compromised. Then the arms are lifted both arms sideways to form a line. This exercise specifically claimed the average shoulder.

Exercise 3: Dumbbell External Rotation

To request the posterior shoulder at shoulder training exercise dumbbell is especially external rotation. In the starting position the arms are parallel to the floor. Forearms, and upper arms forming a right angle, are the lower arms are directed forwardly. In practice, only the arms are rotated until the forearms facing upward. Then the short action be fed back into the Ausgansposition.

Practice 4: Front Pull barbell

As a conclusion of the shoulder training exercise front pull is recommended. In hüftbreiten Stand with legs slightly bent barbell is performed in shoulder-width grip up to chin level. The body is tense and remains in the original position. Oftmal you see in practice how the body is swung by to handle the weight. Even when returning the barbell should be taken to a slow, controlled movement.

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