Supersets and dropsets

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Supersets and dropsets

What are super sets and drop sets. Learn here  what that means and how you use it. Supersets in training and drop sets (English: super or drop sets) are among the most popular Intensivation techniques in strength training or bodybuilding. When used correctly, this particular training method offers many advantages, including a gain of muscle stimulus and an associated faster muscle growth and shortening of the training.

What is a superset? Who is it useful for?

Super sets are the most well-known intensification technology in strength training that can be used by both beginners as well as advanced. The principle here is simple: Instead of making one more minute break between two sentences, this is reduced to a few seconds or completely omitted.
A variant of super sets are supersets with the same muscle group: Here, two different exercises for the same muscle group are performed. The first exercise fatigued while a portion of the muscle fibers, the second hits the muscle, for example, from a different angle and tired the rest of the muscle. Examples: bench press and butterfly, incline bench press and flying with dumbbells, shoulder press and lateral raises.
Very popular are also antagonistic supersets. This is where a muscle is trained first, then loaded his opponent (antagonist) with no intervening pause. Example: triceps pushdown and biceps curls.
Super sets can be used to save time or to take a muscle better. Especially for beginners, it is advisable large muscle groups first tireing with an isolation exercise to them directly after a training with a multi-joint exercise. So the trainee feel the muscle better, can exert a stronger attraction for him and needed in the second exercise, a smaller weight, although the training stimulus remains the same.
It should always be noted that supersets are an intensification technology and therefore should not be performed at every practice, since otherwise the muscle gets used to this stimulus, which would reduce the training effect of super sets.

How are drop sets performed?

Drop sets (also called reduction sentences) have a similar goal as supersets: You intensify the muscle strain and exert a particularly strong stimulus on the muscle in order to motivate him to grow.
The principle is equally simple and effective: The trainee performs an exercise carried to failure, immediately takes then a smaller weight, makes more reps to failure, etc.
Drop sets are especially useful to to to be carried out at the end of a strenuous workout. Especially with isolation exercises lead drop rates to the fact that everything can be taken out of the muscle in question. Among other things, the famous fitness model and bodybuilder Zyzz is said to have trained his biceps with drop sets.

An example of this:

Bench Press: 12 x 100 kg (muscle failure), X x 80 kg (MV) X x 60 kg (MV) X x 40 kg (MV) X x 20 kg (MV)