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Another drug that is frequently used in the post-cycle Therapy is tamoxifen or tamoxifen citrate. The drug tamoxifen is most readers safely under the trade name Nolvadex a term. When tamoxifen is a weak estrogen, that binds to specific estrogen receptors in the body and so stronger estrogen forms prevents them to dock at this point itself and to become active. It refers to the drug tamoxifen therefore as a selective anti-estrogen, which most bodybuilders speak of an estrogen blocker.

Tamoxifen breast

In medicine, tamoxifen is used primarily in women with breast cancer. Since the growth of many cancers is promoted by estrogen, and blocking this mechanism in breast tissue prevents affected areas to further growth. Athletes with a pronounced gynecomastia (breast swelling glands by z. B. an excess of estrogen) make this effect and advantage of using tamoxifen at a dose of 20-40mg per day over a period of 2-4 weeks to the receptors of the mammary gland to block, resulting in that no more estrogen can dock and thus a reduction of the swelling is promoted.

Particularly affected athletes using tamoxifen citrate during a Steroidkur as a precautionary measure at a dose of 10-20mg / day to avoid the risk of breast engorgement from the outset. Since estrogen anabolic and positive effect on cholesterol and bone, is a complete suppression of estrogen over several weeks or even several months period anything but wise. Moreover, estrogen is essential for the endogenous release of Wachtumshormonen, also our body is required for the formation of IGF-1.

But tamoxifen has two other advantages that entails

  • favorable impact on cholesterol levels
  • positive effect on the bone

Estrogens generally have a favorable effect on HDL (good) cholesterol and also support the incorporation of calcium in the bones, making them turn solid and resilient. Some athletes therefore use Tamoxifen also with the aim to protect their blood lipid levels during Anabolikakur.

Although it is often assumed to Tamoxifen acts on the adipose tissue from low. The benefit for the contest preparation or fat loss is therefore not given. Tamoxifen is usually added strong androgenic cures high Aromatisationspotential to i.a. to avoid an increased fat and water retention. Here, however, it must be clear that tamoxifen Although effectively acts on the mammary gland and the pituitary gland, while only weakly in fat and therefore is completely unsuitable for this purpose.

Tamoxifen discontinuation

Much like Clomiphene Citrate Tamoxifen stimulates the release of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone), which causes the Leydig cells produce increased amounts of testosterone in the testicles. Tamoxifen can therefore be used to best effect at the end of a course of treatment for restoring the body's own testosterone production. Even the sole use of tamoxifen is usually sufficient at this stage. However, the combined use of tamoxifen and clomiphene promises better results. Both agents act in different ways. While tamoxifen promises equally strong both on the hypothalamus, as well as acting on the pituitary gland, the effect of Clomifens is rather limited to the hypothalamus, so a combination of two active ingredients images this promises a better effect. Roidsuser of more anabolic and short treatments will need the power of this combination certainly not, that this should rather find cures heavier application. As with z. B. Trenbolon- and testosterone treatments or longer term, strong androgenic steroid cycles, in which the body's own testosterone production was intensively inhibited.


Tamoxifen side effects

The possible side effects of tamoxifen, extending from hot flashes and mood swings to very rare cases, impaired vision. Although tamoxifen is a 17-alpha-alkylation of the active ingredient is not given, there may be slightly elevated liver function tests in long-term use. Another problem of tamoxifen is that this estrogen receptor blockers reduces the formation of IGF-1 in the liver and thus the IGF-1 levels in the blood decreases. However, since many steroids exert some of its anabolic effect on the IGF-1 production, this explains why some users report a loss of effectiveness of their used steroids when simultaneously came tamoxifen apply. If a bodybuilder takes strong androgenic steroids in high doses, it will be not so much influenced by this effect, as a bodybuilder as only with some nandrolone decanoate or methenolone enanthate kurt.

  • Flushes (hot flashes and flushes)
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal complaints
  • Blurred vision
  • Mood changes
  • Abnormal liver function tests
  • Reduced IGF-1 values

In bodybuilding women Tamoxifen is also quite common as estrogen receptor blockers for use because female bodybuilders and fitness athletes hope through the use of tamoxifen increased fat burning especially in problem areas such as thighs and buttocks to achieve. This procedure, however, makes, due to the already mentioned, weak effect of tamoxifen to estrogen receptors in the adipose tissue only little sense. Here the use of yohimbine HCL would be far more effective.

Tamoxifen woman

Among the possible side effects of tamoxifen use in women is next to the eventual absence of menstrual what due to the concurrent steroid use mostly eh already the case, harm to the fetus, if the athlete while taking should nevertheless become pregnant. An additional dose of estrogen preparations (the pill) should be avoided, since both drugs interfere in the action, that is, the antiestrogen tamoxifen can make the contraceptive effect of the estrogen-containing pill to naught. Should ind em period coming to sexual intercourse, the woman can be pregnant after taking the pill.

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