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How can I get rid of the damn fat ?

Sugar in soft drinks is dangerous!

what are you thinking , if it means losing weight or dieting ? The sad truth is that many people assosciate  these words with starvation . Those who make such a "diet" feel good, because they think the done something good . This assertion is wrong, because the body lacks essential nutrients and vitamins. I admit it , that after less time there is more progressby this kind of diets and  the kilos disappear .

Only the question arises , how long you can keep this weight , do you know the  " JOJO EFFECT " .

We divide the day into three parts, namely breakfast , lunch and dinner.
breakfast :

A balanced breakfast is a must , because it is the most important meal of the day .For breakfast carbohydrates are allowed
They are providing
important energy for the day.

So breakfasts with a few slices of whole grain bread, some jam, some butter ( and cream cheese ), possibly vegetables or fruit and lots of tea.


From your lunch, you should make sure that you already have so start taking less carbohydrate to you. Instead of 2 plates noodles then only one . Prefer protein rich food as an example ,

I would suggest a small bowl of salad with dressing essing , a piece of lean meat or turkey breast with noodles or rice best .

Between meals for your cravings : Avoid foods with a lot of chemicals (eg crisps, chocolate etc.). You could , instead, trail mix to take you or even rice crackers to satisfy your little hungry.

Evening! !

Very important !

My advice to you would be down the carb intake down as much as possible to zero. You can take with you in the evening you a juicy steak with vegetables and low-fat curd . The problem will be to

that you think you can be a diet as tasty.

What you should do or are free:

Drink a lot, but not the wrong thing. Take plenty of water with you or in the form of tea ( no sugar) . Chewing very slowly and keep your portions small . Spread your meals into several smaller servings on the day.

You can also make your hunger quiet evening with a protein shake in conjunction with skim milk. It is also recommended if you access thee two tables of foods that you eat mess .

One should the protein content and the other table show the carbohydrate content . Through these tables it will be easier for your meals to plan more effectively.

What to avoid :

Avoid sugary drinks and food , watch cooking it to use less oil and salt.

You wonder why all this?

Your body looking nothing of the invention known as the refrigerator. Your body takes the proportion of carbohydrate , which of course he needs for the day or energy consumption , and all that remains

is stored in the form of fat ( men = belly , women = buttocks and legs ) for a rainy day , if you have nothing to available time to eat. In the evening you drive down the carbohydrate portion , because while you sleep,

is a body tap into your fat reserves and burn . Thus you take off during your sleep .


Sport is very important for you and your body, because it makes you your stamina ( endurance sports ) build it and beneficial effects with the growth of your muscles . The more muscle you build , the more energy your body consumes

that is, if you recover after a hard workout you, your body will still be at work and tapping into your reserves. Thus you take off faster , as long as you consider yourself to the daily schedule

ie, less carbohydrates and proteins for more .

That should happens to be an incentive , as you should plan your day for your diet. Soon I will mention regarding diet and slimming some tips in another article.

In a nutshell :
The later it gets, the less should be the carb intake , but make sure that you take more proteinaceous to you.

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alivefe, 30.11.22 18:29

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Anonym, 03.07.17 09:39

Sehr guter Beitrag. Ich glaube von dem Thema Diät kann man nie genug Informationen bekommen.