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Bodybuilding Plan

Macronutrient variations
Five months usually means a lot of time to vary the protein , carbohydrate and fat intake until you reach the desired goals. When did you have never prepared for a bodybuilding championship , then 20 weeks, for the reason makes sense to give the body a chance to get used gradually to changes in nutrient composition. " 20 weeks before Mr. Olympia choice were out of my bodybuilding diet all foods are useful are not banned . In short , I have the inferior crap removed from my diet . In the first 4 weeks of my precontest diet I ate lots of red meat, tuna, chicken and drank additionally protein shakes . The high-quality source of protein egg I built reinforced in my diet . I counted no calories, fat or carbohydrates. That was just as well, since I threw tons of food into me. I was almost never hungry when I was there once , I ate it. It was not a big thing for me to eat so much , I had to make weight for no particular weight class. Anyone looking for a good bodybuilding diet plan for a pre-contest , or generally want to build lean muscle mass , which was to test this diet plan again. "
Bodybuilding diet plan pre- contest diet # 1
Level: IFBB Professional
Competition: Mr. Olympia
Start Time: 20 weeks
Target : 3 % body fat
Off-Season Weight: 105- 110kg
Competition weight : 90- 95kg

Fat variation

"Many bodybuilding pro's attention during their precontest diet extremely on fat intake. For me this is no problem , I have such a fast metabolism , I take half a jar of peanut butter every day to me until about 2 weeks before a bodybuilding championship . "

Protein sources

During the first half of my diet , I use protein from many different sources of protein . So I eat lots of red meat, tuna, chicken and drink protein shakes. " Depending on how I feel I eat more or less red meat . Beef contains more fat, more iron, more amino acids, and B- vitamins. If you deviate more instead of red meat, white fish (such as cod , cod, a purer protein source ) eats, then you'll love faster hard because fish contains less fat and is digested faster. If you want to build more mass , then eat more red meat. This works at least for me . " Experiment with both the amount and source of protein that you use . Maybe affects you chicken better than me. It all depends on your metabolism and your biochemistry.

carbohydrate rotation

As with the protein varies with this diet , the carbohydrate intake . " I begin with the carbohydrate rotation a few weeks before a bodybuilding championship . If you want to activate your metabolism because you're not hard enough , you can begin to vary the carbohydrate intake . " By changing the intake of carbohydrates can see how these your water retention or excretion in the affected tissue you . During the last 2 weeks before the championship race this diet follows a 3- day cycle : Monday ( 50g carbs ) , Tuesday ( 100g carbs ) , Wednesday ( 150g carbs ) and Thursday, the beginning of the beginning. " Changing the income amount in carbohydrates provides a metabolic stimulation and associated increased fat burning. If you have more carbohydrates stored in the body ( as glycogen ) , you burn less body fat. Are the carbohydrate storage is only slightly filled , you burn more fat. If you vary your carb intake daily, then you change variables in your body. This is much more effective for fat burning , as if the body can adjust to approximately identical carbohydrate shots every day. "

Typical daily diet

My contest diet is designed for 6-7 meals per day , one in approximately every 2 hours:
# 1: 10 egg whites & 1 cup of oatmeal
# 2: 10 egg whites & 1 cup of oatmeal
# 3: 300g steak & 1 cup of brown rice
# 4: 300g steak & 1 large baked potato
# 5: 300g steak & 1 cup of brown rice
# 6: 300g steak & 1 large baked potato
# 7 : Protein Shake: Specialized Protein For Gainers
"If you then still have hunger You can still extra protein will take you . Sometimes I come thus to 9 meals a day. Again , adjust the diet on to your very specific needs. For me it is an advantage that I very like to eat red meat , so it does not bother me about 1-1.5 kg of meat to eat every day . Maybe you prefer other hand, chicken or another protein source like fish . "

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