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Bodybuilding Tips : My Pre-Contest Sports Nutrition Products

of Wrath ( Frank McGrath )

During my preparation phase to a great bodybuilding championship I try choosing my sports food to make Supps so that I even get as much muscle as possible in the definition phase. Even if my activity level because of the many cardio units ( shit, I hate cardio ) is greatly increased ...
My choice of sports nutrition therefore concentrated in the period, largely on an adequate intake of essential amino acids ( EAA 's ), protein powders and amino in the form of liver tablets . I take while my definition phase in preparation for a bodybuilding championship also to provide the Animal Pak twice a day to ensure that I am in any case sufficient nutrients such as vitamins , minerals, trace elements, enzymes , etc. to me.
While my diet , I use only a limited selection of foods , so I imagine so sure I do not lose any muscle mass due to nutrient- related deficits. My supplement plan is actually very simple and straightforward. Normally I use during my definition phase only following 6 supplements :

In the morning

• Morning : Animal Pak for breakfast
• Pre- Cardio : Animal Cuts
• Direct Post- Cardio : Animal Nitro
• At each meal : 6 Uni-Liver tablets
Before / During / After the training
• Pre- Workout: Animal Cuts
• During training : A serving of amino
• Post- Workout: Animal Nitro
• 45 minutes post-workout : 50g Ultra Iso Whey Shake
• With post- workout meal: Animal Pak

In the evening

• Before bed : Animal Nitro
* 6 weeks before a bodybuilding championship , I use the amino no more, because I simply underline sugar from my diet . During this time I reduce my daily protein shakes and focus on high-quality natural protein sources from meat and fish.