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Coconut & Coconut Oil buy at American Supps

The coconut is often wrongly referred to as fatigue or even unhealthy due to its high fat content. The coconut and its valuable fatty acids offer numerous health benefits for the body. A mature coconut weighs up to 2.5kg. But what can be made of the stone fruit (yes, the coconut is not really a "real nut") can be done, only the fewest people know.

Worth knowing about the coconut

As already mentioned, the coconut is actually no real nut. Even if you can guess at the name quickly. Instead, it is the fruit of coconut trees, which is found and cultivated mainly in Indonesia, India, Brazil, Malaysia and also in the Philippines.
Coconut trees grow up to 25 meters high and carry coconuts that can be harvested every month throughout the year. This is why they are found in Germany at any time in the respective shops.
The structure of a coconut looks as follows: The outermost layer, a greenish skin, is hardly known to us in Germany since it is already removed during the harvest. This is followed by the classic brown and fibrous layer, as we know the coconut. After the shell, the white coconut and the "core", the coconut water, follow.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is now considered an absolute superfood and is an integral part of health-oriented cuisine. Coconut oil offers far more applications than just in the kitchen. Coconut oil is ideal for the care of skin, hair and nails and even for the skin care of their four-legged darlings.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is a popular ingredient for Asian dishes. It is an ideal cream substitute and gives delicious dishes a creamy whistle

Coconut calories and nutritional values

The cocoa nutmeat usually has the following (rough) nutritional values per 100g:

360 calories
36g fat
4g of protein
5g carbohydrate
9g of fiber

Coconut or coconut water contains various ingredients, such as many dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, medium-chain fatty acids and a few more.

Coconut Superfood

In the meantime, there are countless coconut products, which may not necessarily have to be stamped under the "food supplements" section, but also in the "Superfood" area. The products are used not only for consumption and cooking, but also for physical care.
For vegans, the coconut is also very interesting as it can replace some animal products well. As an example, coconut milk (milk substitute) or use as a butter substitute can be listed.
Otherwise, there are many other coconut products, such as coconut oil, various creams for skin and hair, coconut flour, coconut sugar and more.

Coconut storage

If you want to buy a fresh coconut, then there is the following trick: Make the so-called "shake test". If the coconut is still fresh, you will hear the more coconut water inside. Old and spoiled coconuts, on the other hand, are dried out and consumption is no longer recommended or delicious. Fresh coconuts do not spoil from today to tomorrow, but are more stable at room temperature or in the refrigerator. The storage of certain coconut products (such as coconut milk) can not be compared with this. Always stick to the specifications of the manufacturers, which are always shown on the respective product.

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