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Doggcrapp Training

You are an active bodybuilder for along but you just dont know how to increase the results further? You hang for weeks on the same fixed weight?

Then the Doggcrapp training method could be just the thing for you !

This is a training program which goes to the absolute load limit of the athletes and should only be performed by advanced or experienced professionals . The basic principle of Doggcrapp is to train the muscle as often as possible in order to increase growth again and to create strong stimuli. Essence of the plan B is a 2 split, which is executed 3 times a week.

In addition, the load should be taken according to a sufficient amount of sleep, appropriate supplements and high food

In Doggcrapp is a 1- set training. training set 2-3 light warm-up. In the actual training set , the reps will now continue to be performed until the muscle fails. This should be the case after about 8-12 reps . Then the weight is stored for 10-15 breaths  amnd thean again as many repetitions as the body allows. This is called rest pause set .

    Monday: Chest , shoulders , triceps, back width , back depth
Thursday: biceps , forearms , calves, hamstrings , quadriceps
Friday: chest, shoulders , triceps, back width , back depth
Monday : biceps , forearms , calves, hamstrings , quadriceps

Training Plan 1a:

LH Smith machine incline bench press : 15 reps , RPS
KH Shoulder Press : 15-20 reps , RPS
French Press: 15-30 reps , RPS
Pulldowns to chest: 15-20 reps , RPS
LH Rowing: 2x 10-12 reps

Training Plan 1b:

KH- Incline Bench Press : 15-20 reps , RPS
Neck press, multi-press : 15 reps , RPS
Tight LH bench press underhand : 15 reps , RPS
Pulldowns to the neck : 15-20 reps , RPS
Rowing Machine: 15-20 reps , RPS

Training plan 1c :

Incline Bench Press Machine: 15-20 reps , RPS
Shoulder Press Machine: 15-20 reps , RPS
Dips with Weight: 15-20 reps , RPS
Pull-Ups Weight: 15-20 reps , RPS
Deadlift : 1 x 6-8 reps , 1x 3-4 reps

Training Plan 2a :

LH Curls: 15-20 reps , RPS
Hammer Curls : 12-18 reps
Seated calf raise 15-20 reps
Squats: 10-12 reps
Leg Curls : 20-25 reps , RPS

Training Plan 2b :

Scott - Curls: 15-20 reps RPS
Upper handle LH Curls: 12-18 reps
Standing calf raises : 8- 12reps.
Hack squat 8-12 reps
Striped candles . Deadlifts: 6-8 reps

Training plan 2c :

A.D. KH- Curls Incline Bench : 15-20 reps RPS
Wrist curls 12-18 reps
Standing calf raises : 6-10 reps
Leg presses : 6-8 reps
Standing leg curls 20-25 reps , RPS

 For squats , for example it works as follows:  10-12 reps , short rest and again 4-6 reps . After that reduce  the weight immediately and performs a set of 20 reps .