Step 3: Meal timing

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Part 3: " Meal- timing"

Often we hear again and again that fitness and bodybuilding newbies think the body need at the end of the day a certain number of calories and macronutrients . This idea is basically also true , however, plays the timing - that is the time when you eat - a much bigger role than many people think .
There is a huge difference whether one takes 3000 calories in 2 meals ( eg morning and evening ) or in the course of 6 meals. This also applies to our Eiweißkonsumierung . "In the evening to eat 150g of protein just quickly because the day had no chance " is almost as bad as eating no protein .
There are 3 main times at which our body really needs nutrients.

Breakfast :

Most people sleep an average of 8 hours in that time our body has long been consumed and dinner has been running for several hours without nutrients. It is therefore all the more important good and healthy to eat breakfast our bodies well prepare for the day .

The Post - Workout Meal:

After a hard workout all our glycogen stores are used up in the muscles. The generally available nutrients has used our bodies for energy during exercise. If you want to achieve a good recovery and muscle growth should necessarily directly after your workout take a quick protein and carbohydrate source ( whey + sugar ) and eat one hour after the workout properly .

The dinner :

At dinner, we must provide our body for several hours. This is important so that while we sleep can take place regeneration processes and muscle growth processes .
For students and people that are several hours on the road because of their work , or have no chance to prepare their meals , we recommend:
RTDs (Ready to Drink Shakes ) : ready mixed , easy to open and drink - ideal for traveling
-MassGainer/Meal replacement : Portioned properly Mass Gainer is a good alternative as a meal replacement

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