A Fighter's Workout Routine

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"A Fighter's Workout Routine" 

Here is exactly the right training for martial artists. All you have to know your experiencing her here many martial artists get into fitness a wrong training plan, or a plan does not promote the objectives of a martial artist.

What do martial artist do? - You want to create with a blow to the maximum damage, be flexible and to have good endurance. So:
Maximum force
- Flexibility
Unfortunately, a training plan can not cover all three areas, which is why martial artists should work with "Micro Cycles". Micro Cycles are training styles that change after a short time.
Weeks 1-4 (Micro Cycle 1):
3 seater or 5-series split, depending on the schedule

Training Duration: 60-90min

Rep range: 8-12 

Number of sets :3-5 (depending on the progress & time) 

Rest: max. 60sec 

Week 5-6 (Micro Cycle 2): 

3 seater or 5-series split, depending on the schedule 

Training time 60min 

Rep range: 2-5 (chest, back, legs), 6-8 (shoulders, arms, calves) 

Number of rates: 5 (chest, back, legs), 3 (shoulders, arms, calves) 

Main exercises: bench press, squat, deadlift, pull-ups 

Rest: 90-120sec 

Week 7-10 (Micro Cycle 3): 

3 seater or 5-series split, depending on the schedule 

Training time 45min 

Repetition range: 20 (chest, back, legs), 30 (shoulders, arms) 

Number of rates: 3 

Rest: max. 30sec 

In the Micro Cycles 1 & 3 are one or two days where one active 30 minutes after a workout stretches duty. By expanding their promoting blood circulation of your muscles and flexibility and also ensures better cardiovaskularity.
Persistence units can also be made in both Micro Cycles.
During the 2nd Micro Cycle, you should have no calorie deficit and enough & eat healthy, because by the maximal strength training is your CNS (Central Nervous System) very stressed.
Booster, fat burner and a good protein product are to be supplied for fighters also essential in tired and powerless situations the most of every workout.

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