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Creatine is considered to be the best-researched supplement, which effect has been most strongly demonstrated. In addition to proteins and BCAAs, is creatine one of the basic supplements, that every bodybuilder should have at home. Creatine increases your strength and strengthens your muscles and helps you build muscle.

What is creatine?

Creatine or creatine phosphate plays a decisive role in energy generation in the cells. The organic acid is formed in our body in the pancreas, kidney and liver. From here the creatine enters the blood, from which it migrates into the respective target organs, such as:

  • Skeletal muscle
  • Heart muscle
  • Retina (eyes)
  • Annoy
  • Brain

Creatine is needed primarily for muscular contraction and brain and nerve function in the form of creatine phosphate. In order to generate energy for the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, a phosphate is split from an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and an ADP (adenosine diphosphate) is formed. This ADP is reconverted into the required adenosine triphosphate with the help of a creatine phosphate and can be used again to generate energy.

Creatine is also needed for the normal development of the body and the optimal function of the body organs.

The daily requirement of creatine is about 2-4 g. Half of this is mainly formed by the liver from guanidino acetate. The amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine are required for the production of guanidino acetate. Even if creatine is formed from amino acids, it´s no one. The other part of the required quantity is absorbed by food. Since creatine is almost exclusively in meat and to a small extent in dairy products, people who are vegan and vegetarian should be concerned about a supplement with creatine. The production of creatine from meat is absolutely unprofitable and also unhygienic, for this reason creatine is synthesized synthetically. If no animal additives are present in a creatine product, they are also completely vegan.

Older persons often tend to absorb less essential amino acids, vitamin B12 and folic acid, which are needed for creatine synthesis. Here, too, the doctor may be asked to discuss an additional creatine intake. Proteins for the elderly at least ensure that the body is supplied with enough amino acids.

Creatine cure

Creatine can be taken either as a limited period of time as a creatine cure for 6-8 weeks or permanently. Regardless of which method is chosen, the following things should be considered.

What should you should pay attention during a creatin kur:

  • Sufficient drinking (drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day)
  • Strength training to support muscle building
  • Enjoy drinking caffeine and alcohol
  • Intake with short-chain carbohydrates for rapid availability in the organism
  • Don´t get uncomfortable, while weight gaining. This can be done by the water in the muscles.
  • Creatine ingestion

How to take Creatine

There are two methods for taking creatine. The creatine intake with charging phase and without charging phase.

Creatine ingestion with loading phase

If creatine is taken with a loading phase, 20 grams of creatine are taken daily during the first 5 days. They are taken four times a day at 5 grams. From the 6th day onwards, the normal daily dosage of 3-5 grams is taken. On training days the creatine is taken in the morning after getting up, before and after the workout and in the evening before going to sleep. On work-free days, the first portion of creatine is taken in the morning after getting up on (sober stomach) and the remaining portions are distributed throughout the day.

Creatine ingestion without loading phase

As new studies prove that an increased dose of creatine does not have a stronger effect, the loading phase can be dispensed with. A creatine cure without a loading phase is much better tolerated since the loading phase is a big burden for the body. The kidney activity is stressed and the sufficient liquid intake is not always guaranteed. If creatine is taken permanently, the loading phase can fall away in any case. Every day 3-5 grams of creatine are taken either morning or after the workout with a fast carbohydrate.

Quick carbohydrates for creatine intake

Creatine monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate Creapure

There are a number of creatine forms, but the most common is the creatine monohydrate (creatine with a water molecule). The highest quality creatine monohydrate comes from Germany. The patented Creapure is produced in the Bavarian city of Trostberg and is considered the best creatine monohydrate in the world. Unfortunately, Creapure finds less and less use, as the production costs are somewhat higher compared to the more favorable creatine from China. We offer both Creapure pure and the Pre Workout from Undisputed Laboratories.

Pre Workout with Creapure

Pre Workout Creatin Monohydrate Creapure

Creatine muscle building


Creatine increases the performance of maximum strength training and the maximum force values ​​for isometric flatbank pressures. In addition, creatine improves the muscle fiber adaptation within resistance training and delays the fatigue symptoms with intensive persistence training. These positive features make it clear that creatine intake itself does not lead to muscle building, but improves the conditions. We know this from anabolic steroids. Another feature of creatine is that it can store a high proportion of water, making the muscle more bulky and absorbing a greater proportion of nutrients. Therefore, it is particularly important during the creatine intake to drink a lot. If intensive training is performed during a creatine intake and nourishes accordingly, creatine can lead to excellent advances in muscle building.


Excess creatine is metabolised in the body to creatinine and degraded by the kidneys. Creatinine is, so to speak, the excretion form of creatine. Since it is excreted through the kidneys, it is used as a guide for renal function.

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