Chris Bumstead wins Mr Olympia 2023 Classic Physique for the fifth time

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Chris Bumstead wins Mr Olympia 2023 Classic Physique

Chris Bumstead Mr Olympia 2023 Classic Physique

Photo: instagram/profitnessphotos

Chris Bumstead wins Mr Olympia 2023 Classic Physique

At Joe Weider's Mr Olympia 2023 in Orlando, Florida, Chris Bumstead was able to secure his fifth Olympic title.

The Classic Physique class has steadily grown in popularity since its introduction at the Olympics in 2016, and five-time champion Chris Bumstead has been a major contributor.

He is considered the most outstanding bodybuilder in this category and sets new standards every year.

Bumstead embodies everything the judges look for in a Classic Physique competitor. His broad shoulders, narrow waist and powerful quadriceps are impressive. With each competition, Bumstead manages to wow judges and fans alike by steadily progressing in both size and conditioning.

Bumstead has now won three more Olympic titles in the Classic Physique class than the second-place record holder.

During his victory speech, Bumstead revealed that he tore his lat muscle ten weeks before the 2023 Olympics. He only received the green light to continue training five weeks before his scheduled start at the 2023 Olympics.

With the unwavering spirit of an Olympic champion, Bumstead did not let this setback deter him from his ultimate goal. He continued his training undeterred, made no excuses and presented his most impressive appearance at the 2023 Olympics, which earned him his fifth title.

Mr. Olympia 2023 Classic Physique Results

Here are the final Mr. Olympia 2023 Classic Physique results:

  • 1. Place - Chris Bumstead $50,000

  • 2. Place - Ramon Rocha Queiroz $20,000

  • 3. PlaceUrs Kalecinski $12,000

  • 4. Place - Breon Ansley

  • 5. Place - Terrence Ruffin

  • 6. Place - Michael Daboul

  • 7. Place - Wesley Vissers

  • 8. Place - Mike Sommerfeld

  • 9. Place - Vahid Badpei

  • 10. Place - Jae Hun Park

Cover photo: instagram/profitnessphotos

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