Growth hormone

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Growth Hormone

No other substance is said more muscle growth and in almost any other hormone is more need for education as the growth hormone, or HGH, GH or Somatropin called. This growth hormone could be to only in the fifties isolated from the pituitary of dead people. The extraction of growth hormone from human pituitary had then however are 1984 abandoned when cases were known in which users have died of growth hormones to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

After extensive research, we learned that the deadly pathogen was actually passed by the treatment with infected human growth hormone. The medical field of application has indeed not changed since then, it was then as now prescribed for dwarfism, a disease in which insufficient growth hormone is produced and the body adjusts the longitudinal growth and muscle development prematurely, however, had already caused a further growth hormone replenishment. At this time, science was fortunately already able to genetically produce the growth hormone synthetically. Nevertheless, there were complications here. It emerged antibody responses by impurities and by not completely identical amino acids structure between synthetic and natural growth hormone. These facts gave scientists initially unfortunately still a big mystery to the world-renowned pharmaceutical company Lilly shortly after breakthrough and the first, the human growth hormone identical preparation named Humatrope brought his way to the market. Even today, Humatrope is one of the best known and most widely used growth hormone products.

Growth Hormone

But what exactly is the growth hormone and what does it really? Growth hormone is a natural polypeptide hormone consisting of 191 amino acids and in the anterior pituitary with appropriate stimuli, such as sleep, intense stress, stress and low blood sugar levels, is formed.

The growth hormone is beneficial effect on

  • muscle growth
  • regeneration
  • fat burning
  • joints
  • physical strength
  • cell age

Growth Hormone Bodybuilding

Growth hormone is called not without reason youth hormone, because after taking the natural growth hormone production from the twentieth age steadily. The body's own growth hormone production decreases estimated at around 15% within ten years. It is not unusual that the majority of sixty only produces about 25% of the natural amount, which happens to also stands in direct connection with physical and mental decline. Therefore, more and more famous stars can inject the growth hormone in the so-called anti-aging therapies and benefit from many advantages:

  • increased muscle mass and vitality
  • improved physical and mental performance power
  • increased libido and sexual interest
  • purer and firmer skin
  • youthful appearance and body image

But for athletes is primarily propagated effect on muscle growth and fat loss of interest.

Growth Hormone effect

One can say that the growth hormone is one of the most effective and most powerful anabolic and lipolytic hormones, which are a bodybuilder for building muscle and fat loss are available. No anabolic steroid comes close to the anabolic potential of growth hormone. Whether it is an advanced bodybuilders or professional athletes, growth hormone will affect the muscular appearance of Köpers like no other hormone positive. With the right know-how, each athlete will be excited by the results. Should the growth hormone can be used without a real plan that will often need to reckon with disappointing results. The growth hormone is a very complex hormone and works on different levels, where it is always dependent on the help of another hormone, so that it can be fully effective.

Growth hormones toning

1. reinforcing the hypertrophy (muscle building)

In the 1-2 week of taking vergößert by an increased water storage muscle cell volume. So the necessary space in the muscle cell for later protein storage is provided. After about 2-3 weeks arises an increased amino acid transport into the cells and an increased protein synthesis. For this reason, a high protein diet (300-400 g on 6 servings) is very important

2. decreased proteolysis (protein breakdown)

In periods of stress, such as a diet or frequent and intense training, the growth hormone causes rather than the muscle loss the burning of body fat. For this reason, the growth hormone is so important in the diet phase in a pre-contest. It reduces body fat and muscle mass gets painstakingly elaborated.

Through these two mechanisms of action of growth hormone (anabolic and anti-catabolic) thicken the muscle fibers and the muscle is firm and thick.

3. hyperplasia (genesis of new muscle fibers)

While the muscle growth confined to merely Dick growth (hypertrophy) of the muscle cell causes the growth hormone that muscle even share, d. H. It creates new muscle fibers (hyperplasia), which can thicken again and therefore the muscle can be even greater.

Growth Hormone Dieting

1. Fat Loss

Once the growth hormone is injected, go to the roving in the bloodstream growth hormone molecules with the growth hormone receptors of fat cells a connection. This interaction between the receptor and molecule the fat cell gets transmitted to degrade triglycerides information. The triglycerides contained in the fat cells are then broken down into its constituent parts and delivered into the bloodstream. The fat cells shrink.

2. preventing fat gain

Simultaneously, growth of the fat cell will be blocked. The reduction of fat deposition in the body based on the fact that the growth hormone prevents the absorption of fatty acids in the blood circulation and originating from dietary fat in the fat cells.

Very positive is also the fact to assess that the fat-reducing effect of growth hormone remains in regular use for a long time, even in the construction phase, there is virtually no fat gain because of several months growth hormone use leads to insulin resistance in fat cells, glucose transport prevented in the fat cells and thus the fat cell growth.

Nowadays you will hardly find a bodybuilder at the national or professional level, which does not use the growth hormone in the diet phase or the mass term, since it allows the additional use of insulin and the supply of high calorie and protein levels, without causing fat gain comes.

Growth Hormone Side Effects

When we think about the side effects of growth hormone, drop us terrible images of giant one with oversized hands, feet and pines. Among professionals called acromegaly. But what is behind that growth hormone can trigger such extreme physical changes and unpleasant syndromes?

While there is a general feeling that after puberty no more bone growth can take place, the reality is however different. As proof of the comparison is from the Arnold Schwarzenegger era with today's league to professional bodybuilders. While the use of growth hormones thirty years ago is considered to be rather unusual, the use is quite clear today. Pro bodybuilder with oversized pine, slightly beaded forehead and mutated in the width cheekbones are not unheard of. The occurrence of such acromegaly is highly dose dependent. Because many professional bodybuilders and some leading amateur athletes, growth hormone practical use throughout the year without interruption and dosages of 8-16 I.U. per day are the rule, it surprises probably not that changes the face of many of these athletes are the norm. Generally it falls on the considerable head size.

Growth Hormone

Over time, it may lead to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and if nothing is done, over the long term diabete metabolism in the body to be created. Since the growth hormone causes insulin resistance on different cell levels and the insulin-producing beta-cells damage during long-term use in the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas, resulting in a clear insulin deficiency in the body, with the result that a constant elevated blood sugar level prevails. A solution is to avoid the problem a priori, by the exogenous delivery of insulin. Since insulin severely hypoglycemic (hypoglycemic) acts, it balances the blood sugar increasing effect of growth hormone.

It is not impossible, if the growth hormone also brings the smooth muscles, so the intestines, such as stomach and digestive tract to grow. The in overweight professional bodybuilders often sighted bloating could be the result of a regular intake of high amounts of growth hormone. Others are of the opinion that this bloating, which is sometimes called Wachswampe, only the combined use of high Wachstumshomon- and insulin doses occurs while again others are of the opinion that this is attributed to the extremely large food supply in the construction phase.

Possible side effects, in which he can use 1-2 weeks occur, but usually also disappear are

  • Blood pressure
  • a more or less severe edema
  • Falling asleep and night sweats
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Basically, however, the growth hormone is a relatively safe and well tolerated hormone. The somatotropic hormone has no toxic properties and is neither liver-kidney nor harmful. Since it has no androgenic characteristics, occur many steroid typical side effects only on not.

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wachstumshormoneBei growth hormone should distinguish between two different types, which have already been briefly touched on briefly in the introduction. Available the growth hormone is currently both 192 and 191 amino acids. The variant with 191 amino acids corresponds exactly to the human growth hormone and is thus optimally tolerated while it may occur with the version with 192 amino acids, the so-called Somatrem, often intolerant reactions like skin rash, extreme bloating and joint pain. The version with 192 amino acids is less costly to produce. Many Chinese manufacturers adorn themselves with any certificates that confirm them producing the 191 amino acid growth hormone. As you can imagine, this certificate is, however, worth nothing.

GH Storage

The storage of growth hormone should be just like HCG and IGF-1, protected from light and kept cool. The active substance decomposes otherwise within a short time and becomes unusable.

Growth hormones and anabolic steroids

If the growth hormone is used for Masselaufbau, including anabolic steroids must be applied. The amount of the production of IGF-1 in the liver and muscle cells to a growth hormone injection is highly dependent on the level of testosterone in the blood. Almost all experienced bodybuilders know already that the development of muscle mass does not require unusual hormone combinations. Usually testosterone enanthate, decanoate, Methandrostenolone, growth hormone and insulin, in this time with nandrolone, worked. Depending on the amount of dosage and length of use, there is a giant muscle growth. use athletes and professional bodybuilders at the national level in the process of establishing a rule such a hormone program. The only differences are in the appropriate dosage individually selected.

!!! The formula therefore is always testosterone, growth hormone and insulin !!!

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