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Moringa is now available in various forms. But what makes Moringa so interesting? Where does Moringa come from and what is it good for? Here we have collected some exciting facts about Moringa.

Moringa Oleifera

The term Moringa goes back to the horseradish tree "moringa oleifera", which has its origins in India. When it comes to moringa, the leaves of the Moringaeae are usually mentioned, or the nutrients contained therein.

Moringa seeds

The seeds of the Moringabäume are very interesting in drinking water treatment. Thus, a powder can be created from these, which can be reprocessed with contaminated water.
In this context, the use of moringa is also interesting for malnutrition. Moringapulver was tested here in previous investigations and could help malnourished people in Africa.

Moringa ingredients

Moringa contains numerous different nutrients in considerable amounts. Besides a large number of antioxidants, calcium, iron and magnesium are increasingly present in Moringa. Different vitamins such as vitamin B2 are also found. The ingredients contained in Moringa are so high that they can compensate for the deficit in case of a deficiency.

Moringa recipe and preparation

There are countless delicious Moringa recipes. Apart from soups, Moringa smoothies are very popular. In general you can add your favorite smoothies simply according to your own Moringa. However, more than one tablespoon (depending on the amount / size of the smoothie) is not necessary. An example of a Moringa smoothie recipe would be the following ingredients that migrate into the blender:

200-300ml of milk
1 banana
1 apple
Some birch gold sugar, agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar
Maximum 1 tablespoon Moringa
Storage of Moringa

Moringa is not too cheap, so the corresponding products should also be stocked professionally. As with almost all dietary supplements, the following recommendations apply unless otherwise stated on the packaging of the product.

Moringa should always be airtightly sealed and stored. In addition, no direct sunlight should act on it, ie it should be stored as light-tight as possible. Naturally, Moringa should also be kept away from damp places. With Moringa the odor test often helps if you doubt the quality. Good and consumable Moringa powder should smell like hay. If it smells funny in some way, you should avoid the consumption.

Moringa flavor

Since Moringa comes from the "horseradish tree", the taste of Moringa is classified as easy. He reminds you, as you might think, a little horseradish. In addition, the flavor of the powder is relatively intense. However, it is always important to determine the relationship between moringa and other ingredients.

Moringa tea


Advice on the intake and storage of Moringa

In a healthy person, the intake of moringa is normally safe in usual amounts (less than 10g per day) and can instead promote positive effects, as already mentioned in the text. If you have any concerns with taking Moringa, this article does not replace a visit to the doctor or pharmacist. If you have any questions about Moringa, then we are always there for you and give our best to help you with your request. We are always at your disposal for other questions. We look forward to your message.