Step 2 : Body Types

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Part 2 : Body Types

Body types describe our appearance , our stature , metabolism and behavior to food as well as various training methods. It is essential to specifically adapt his diet plan on its own metabolism.

Ectomorph :

People have the ectomorphe characteristics often have a faster metabolism rapidly than the "normal" man . Often eat such people what they want and do not gain weight . It is important that the evening before going to sleep again a " carb -loading " takes place, where her again aufladet your body with carbohydrates.
In addition Ectomorphe can sometimes eat up to 1500 calories more than actually accepted with a really fast metabolism. Therefore it is said to try and regularly 2-3 hours tackt eat!

Mesomorph :

Mesomorphic people have a normal metabolism and do not need to add extra calories as Ectomorphe . Depending on the target , it is still important to increase the evening carbs or allow them all away .
Instead regularly every 2-3 hours to eat , it is sufficient to have 3 main meals , ie breakfast, the " Pre-Workout Meal" (1h before training) and your "Post- Workout Meal" ( 1h after training). Small snacks such as protein bars , whey or MKP shakes are good snacks.
People with endomorphic signs have a very slow metabolism, that means to eat like EctomorphenOFT , but not enough calories to grow up but the metabolism to heat up again and again . Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains , oatmeal and potatoes / yams keep your metabolism active.
Prepared meals are the alpha and omega , if you do everything at hand has to eat every 3 hours is a slow metabolism quickly forgotten.
Supplements for boosting :
There are numerous supplements that can help you greatly to achieve your goals .
Weight-Gainer/Mass-Gainer : For Ectomorphe people a gift from God ! Many calorie drink for the road or for alsMahlzeitenersatz .
MKP proteins : multi-component proteins are suitable for all types of metabolism as a snack and protect your muscles up to 8 hours!
Fat burners : keep your metabolism active and above all for endomorphic a essential tool against the fat pad .
The body types Bundles :

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