Reasons for stagnation of muscle growth

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Reasons for decreased muscle growth

Many strength athletes train intensively and with heavy weights without making a lasting muscle growth noticeable. This can be very frustrating and demotivating for the athlete. Below we have collected 11 points that can have a significant impact on the absence of the desired muscle building.

1 No training and nutrition plan

Muscle building results from the combination of workouts with specific exercises and proper diet. Before beginning his training, it is therefore important to orient themselves after a workout plan, indicating which exercises are to be completed weekly. The same procedure with experience. It is important especially that the plans be adjusted to the current level of performance accurately.

2 No goals

An important criterion for successful muscle building are realistic goals that the athlete committed to his training. If you train like a habit without you to specify a specific goal itself, you can build long-term no muscles. Therefore setting you always a weekly goal you want to achieve.

3 A lack of sticking with diet and exercise

Discipline and perseverance are important not only at strength training. What good is a super workout in the first week, if you have then in the second week, no desire, or train only half the power output. This may not be successful in the long term.

4 Improper diet

When muscles to grow, they need enough protein. Do not get it that they resort to the carbohydrates, which has the consequence that not enough energy for training is available. For a sustainable building muscle, therefore, it is necessary to regulate its protein intake with supplements and to live according to a particular diet plan.

5 overtraining

Too much training has benefited no one. If you train every day without to regenerate sufficient causes of injuries that might otherwise hamper muscle building only. Muscle soreness and other injuries are often the result of too much training. The result is often an unwanted exposure of the training intervals.

6 No weight increase

In a sustained muscle building muscle grows in line with the training weight. If the weight is not adapted to the physical performance balance, the muscle can not receive stimuli and growth stagnates with its growth.

7 sided training

If every day, only the biceps or chest muscles are trained, wither other muscles. Especially the large muscles like the legs should be trained regularly, since it is also aesthetically does not look good when a huge chest is carried on very thin legs.

8 No regeneration

Sustainable building muscle can occur only when sufficient recovery periods in between the workouts are. Has the athlete too little sleep or he trained the same muscle too quickly without enough breaks, it is not possible sustained muscle growth. Muscle fibers tear during training and must grow together again. They can do this but only in prolonged periods of rest. Otherwise, long-term injury can result.

9 wrong mental attitude

Muscle building is a continuous process that can not take place overnight. So you should not adjust mentally to the fact that muscle growth is a prolonged process that is only possible through constant training you. Make sure that you do not even finished making yourself when you believe that muscles grow too slowly. This mental attitude deprives you of energy and make you impotent for the next training. Be satisfied with the current result and motivate you every day, still more out of you.

10 Age

Your age is an important component that is responsible for the growth of your muscles. The older you are, the slower and more laborious can be your muscle growth. Muscle growth depends particularly along with the growth hormone testosterone, which but regresses with constant age. It is quite normal when a 50-year-old man has to wait a little longer until his muscles grow again when the 20-year-old man.

11 metabolism

Each person has an individual metabolism, which can affect the fat burning, food intake, and also building muscle crucial. The one can eat as much as he wants, without being overweight, while the other immediately gaining weight. It's the same with the muscle growth. Do you own as you can with the same exercises and the same diet much faster build a higher metabolism than your friend, muscles.

Conclusion: Muscle is governed by physical and mental influences.

If you wondered exactly why your muscle growth is absent or stagnant, as you now know that physical and mental reasons may be the cause. But is important for you to know that you can regulate everything yourself. Change your training and nutrition plans, increase your metabolism, Discipline yourself mentally and bring enough motivation, then long-term sustainable muscle growth will occur also with you. But without patience is nothing, especially when you're older!

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