Rich Piana feat. american-supps on FIBO Power 2016

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Rich Piana feat. american-supps on FIBO Power 2016

Rich Piana is perhaps the currently most famous bodybuilders worldwide. With his extreme lifestyle he polarized not only in the US but all over the world. In April (from 7 to 10) is again at the year's largest fitness fair in the world with the FIBO and there naturally arises many fans the question whether Rich Piana, along with his Supplement- and Clothing Brand 5% Nutrition, there will be represented. As was to be expected, to Rich Piana leaves with his team this opportunity not accept and will be broadly present at FIBO 2016 at the joint stand of American Supps and 5% Nutrition the whole fair.

Where the booth of Rich Piana, 5% Nutrition and American Supps be located?

The joint stand of American Supps and 5% Nutrition will be located at the following location FIBO Power: Hall 10.1 / P42. The stand is therefore in an ideal location right in front of the main stage and offers enough space for the big rush. In general, the FIBO Power (Hall 10.1 / 10.2) is compared to the other buildings (see table) to be significantly more activity, so the halls provides highly sought-after courses. The two figures below show the exact location of our booth (circled in red).

What awaits you on the booth?

After the appearance of Rich Piana and his team of 5% Nutrition at FIBO 2015 turned out rather small and the then small still offered too little space for the many fans and followers of the famous bodybuilder (see video below), is at FIBO 2016 everything bigger. The state is one of the geographically largest stands of FIBO Power 2016, providing as mentioned ample space for visitors. It expects you a modern state with many extras and huge banners which will unmistakably reflect the brand 5% Nutrition, Rich Piana and American Supps.

Who will be also represented on the stand?

Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition will be a great team. Since the FIBO Power is the largest health fair in the world, certainly the most famous athletes such as Martyn Ford will not be missing. An overview of all athletes of 5% Nutrition found here. You can be sure that you will find a wide variety of team with character, body types, etc., with which you can identify you. In the female athletes known also with guarantee will not be missing, which is why the state and for the women among you should be very interesting. Here you will find a small selection of the 5% team.

5% nutrition fibo 2016 rich piana fibo 2016

Of course, the main focus of most visitors FIBO 2016 Rich Piana applies, behind 5% Nutrition but puts a large, cohesive team that you will get to know this year.

Can be purchased locally products from Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition?

Of course you can spot all products of 5% Nutrition line purchase. Whether clothes, supplements or accessories like the legendary "Jugs" Rich Piana - at our booth you can comfortably thanks to a large bar and at a fair fair prices the cult products of Rich Piana & buy 5% Nutrition. Who wants to convince advance of the products, which takes place via the following link a huge selection of brand 5% Nutrition.

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