Step 1 : Macro nutrients and calories

Step 1 : Macro nutrients and calories

Everyone knows carbohydrates ( carbs ) , protein ( protein ) and fats ( Fats ), and many know the calories in a diet plan play an important role whether you "build" like it or remove it.
Macronutrients ( macro ) and calories are the things with which rises a bodybuilder and goes to sleep at night. Not for nothing , there is the saying "Abs are made ​​in the Kitchen " ( A six-pack is made in the kitchen).
Calories and macros are related , because for their own diet plan , you should always know:
1 gram of protein - 4 kcal
1 gram Carbs - 4 kcal
1 gram Fats - 9 kcal
In order to have a perfect diet plan you start with his personal daily turnover . The daily turnover says how much calories your body burns per day. To calculate this daily turnover , there are three good ways :
1 Sport watches
Calories watches measure the consumption of calories. Usually you wear a calorie watch a week and from 7 results we can calculate the days sales. Advantage is that both training days and rest days are measured. Downside is the price if you want to buy or borrow a good clock .
2 Online Calculator
Beginners , we recommend an online calculator. This offer if you have the right and properly fills solid results. We have picked out two computers for you and recommend both to use and to take the average as the result.
3 Experience
Those of you who pay attention to their diet for many years a feel for what their daily sales . In addition, practice makes perfect applies if you really want to know exactly how many calories you consumed , catch of 2,500 kcal / day and pay attention to what the scale and the mirror image says. Each week pulls her kcal from or added to what you think the her exactly in the middle you found.
For you we have used the online calculator for a male person with 85kg and 16 % body fat and 176cm size and 4-5 days of training a week , we always came to a result by about ~ 2800 kcal . The number is our fundamental value on which all the following superstructure . Afterwards we recommend advanced or persons more than 4x the operate week strength training to add 200 - 300kcal .
Now we are in our person at 3000 kcal / day to either increase or decrease . Since our person has 16 % body fat and would like a six pack of course arises that he wants to lose weight .
To lose weight healthy we never recommend more than -500 kcal deducted. Taking her more calories can be lost from muscles.
So now we are at 2500 kcal / day ( 3000-500 ) arrived.
Now we come to the macro :
For a good active brain and body function, it is good to take 20 % of the calories of healthy fats to himself. So we expect 2500 x 0.20 and receive 500kcal . 500kcal / 9 = ~ 55g fat / day.
Protein is important, it helps build muscles , get in protein synthesis and around the muscles . Doctors recommend athletes 1.8g of protein per kg of body weight , but we want to lose weight at any muscles lose so we are increasing to 2.5 g protein per kg body weight. In our person so 85 x 2.5 = ~ 213g protein and thus 850 kcal / day
If we add 500kcal 850kcal and stay together even 1150 kcal for carbohydrates . Carbohydrates are the most popular energy source of the body and provide a good powerful workout. 1150 kcal / 4 yields ~ 287g carbs.
So we conclude:
213g of protein per day - 850 kcal
287g of carbs per day - 1150 kcal
55g of fat per day - 800 kcal
With you the numbers will not be as accurate , that does not mean it's wrong. We have of course taken illustrative numbers for our example.
You now know your macros and calories for your own nutrition plan , the next steps it comes to body types , " Meal- timing" and eating patterns such as low carb , Adkins and IntermittedFasting . I hope the first part you liked it , thanks for reading!

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