Stretch marks

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Stretch marks

All strength athletes have this an ugly problem. You notice it only when there is already no turning back. It is breathed into how many reps, sets, exercises, etc. to make any newbie. The motivated fitness newbie would pick up on the training with pleasure and stamina. 3 to 4 times he visited the week or the gym. There are shaken several times and drank protein shakes a day. The muscles grow. The novice now sees himself as a skilled or professional bodybuilder, because its environment is noticed that it is wider and bigger. However, the D-Day, on which he raises the question whether its friends, family or acquaintances are right, that his body has gained shape comes. For this reason, he turns to the mirror and looks at each muscle section carefully. He must horrified to find that some parts of his body are covered with red lines. After he was informed of these lines, it must be horrified to find that it is skin cracks or scars covering his body up into eternity brand for his ignorance.


Skin cracks usually develop only in some parts of the body such as abdomen, hips, buttocks upper arms, breasts and armpits. You wonder why just these places. Can I easily explain it to you, because at these points the connective tissue is very thin and not durable. Once your body is changing too fast, the skin can not grow and thus travels the connective tissue. The reddish color is due to the blood vessels, which are easier to see when your skin rips and getting thinner.
The skin tears by
rapid building up the muscles when the newcomer with the training exaggerates
by massive fat gain
the bad genetic predisposition, because the connective tissue is thinner and tends
more likely to tear

Measures against skin cracks

Where should you get as a concerned advice? Dermatologist? The bitter truth is that some dermatologists recommend a stop with the weight training. From many experiences, I can not say that there really are some doctors who would advise you completely stop exercising. A life without fitness? Can you live with that? I do not in any case. When I myself was new at that time in the gym, and had this problem I went to my coach and I do not regret that decision to this day. My coach introduced me to some methods that really help.
Place your training or your weights so to that you can make your sentences nice and slow and clean and allow your skin to get used to the size of your muscles and grow. Concentrate on endurance sports.
the intake of zinc will help your skin to become more elastic
Rub your skin with creams containing vitamin A or oils containing vitamin E, because they will keep your skin and its connective tissue supple and counteract stretch marks. In your pharmacist you'll find it. Questions does not hurt.
a healthy diet can help you. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish and milk can counteract inside stretch marks
These measures will improve your skin's appearance, but they will not leave the skin cracks disappear completely. However, I would suggest you to stick to it, because this way you can avoid new cracks inexpensive.

Durable and effective solution

One method is to let your tears disappear almost completely. These are the laser technology. By Weglasern your skin cracks be pigmented again. The only disadvantage is the high price.
For this reason, already caught from the beginning to pay attention to the signals your body, otherwise you'll regret it when it's already too late. I was lucky that I was standing before the mirror every day and my "Arni" muscles have admired.
I hope I could help you.

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