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Volume Training

One of the most well-known training methods in bodybuilding is the so-called volume training, which is still used by many professional bodybuilders today. The aim of the volume of training is to irritate the muscle to the utmost now and this optimally stimulate it.

This increased muscle growth is to come by, as compared to other training methods, significantly increased rate number about. This is up to 30 sets per muscle group to be trained, with the intensity to avoid injury and overtraining, is reduced to 70-80%.
The increased number of sets leads to an increased "muscle pump", which means nothing else than the more blood during exercise passes into the muscle. This has the distinct advantage that the nutrients necessarily need the muscle for growth, faster and better muscle is made available. In addition to the corresponding protein-rich diet (recommended minimun 2.5 g / kg protein and 4.5 g / kg of carbohydrates a day, divided into 5-7 meals) we recommend a good Preworkout to the pump to increase even further.
Due to the high volume of training should, as almost always, be taken to ensure adequate regeneration.

Training Plan

This is a 4-split and exemplifies the principles of volume training.

Day 1:

5 sets of bench press
5 sets incline bench press in the machine
4 sets of dumbbells flying on the incline bench
4 sets Dips
4 sets hammer curl
4 sets of barbell curls
4 sets of concentration curls

Day 2:

5 sets of squats
5 sets of leg presses
4 sets of leg extension
4 sets of leg curls lying
4 sets of leg curls standing

Day 3: Pause

Day 4:

4 sets lat pulldown with wide grip
4 sets barbell bent over row with underhand grip
4 sets Seated Row
4 sets of close-grip pulldowns
3 sets of coatings
4 sets of triceps extensions with a straight rod
4 sets one arm triceps extension with underhand grip
4 sets Dips

Day 5

4 sets Front Press
4 sets lateral raises seated
4 sets upright barbell rows
3 sets of lateral raises prevented
3 sets Neck Lift
4 sets Standing calf raises
4 sets seated calf raise
2 days - Pause -

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