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Flax Seeds

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Flax seeds are in full swing. Not only among vegans are the seeds of the "flax" so popular, also with many other health-conscious people, flax seeds are on the weekly or even daily menu. But why is it like that? We explain to you in this short text why linseed is so interesting.

What are linseed?

As already mentioned, linseed is the seed of the flax. The flax is an old cultivated plant. The plant is also known as "common flax" or the Latin term "linum usitatissimum". Flaxseeds generally have a yellowish or brownish color and are used both as a remedy as well as food. More in the following paragraph.

Crushed linseed

Flaxseed effect and use

Flaxseeds are primarily consumed in stomach or respiratory problems. For example, linseed can help with constipation. Why? Certainly you have heard in the context of linseed also already times of "aufquellen". In the shell of the linseed, certain mucilages are contained, which swell by the absorption of liquid. This leads to a reaction in the intestine, which fights against the constipation. In diarrhea, the intake of linseed is therefore not advisable. Otherwise, linseed is used for normal intestinal regulation or generally better digestion, or simply and simply for the reason that it is cooked deliciously, e.g. In a muesli, also taste good. Flax seeds usually taste slightly nutty. Flax oil (pressed from linseed) is also used as edible oil.

Flaxseed nutritional values

Crushed linseed contain nutritive values, which should also be interesting for every fitness enthusiast and are a "found food" especially for low carb fanatics. A high protein content, many good fats and virtually no carbohydrates - supplemented by a lot of fiber.
Here are the rough nutritional values ??of crushed linseed, the exact details you always find on the corresponding product, which you buy: - approx. 25g protein - approx. 30g fat (approx. 25g unsaturated fatty acids) approx 35g of fiber.

Flaxseed to lose weight

Due to the high fiber content and the springiness, linseed naturally lasts long and is so perfect for a figurally-friendly diet. The low carb carbohydrate content of almost 0 g should probably taste especially the Lowcarb fans.

Flaxseed preparation and recipe

Flax seeds are an excellent complement to a muesli. For this, you can create the muesli according to your personal taste, for example with oatmeal, fruit and milk, and then add 1-2 tablespoons of linseed. Otherwise, linseed is also excellent for baking of, for example, bread, smoothies or salads. It goes without saying that the food developers have also recognized the exquisite values ??of linseed and are using these for delicious products, which should not only be found in the fitness room but also, of course, the Low Carb Pizzatag. Ground swallow Low Carb Pizza dough.

Notes on the consumption of linseed

Flax seeds should always be consumed with sufficient water or liquid throughout the day. Otherwise, the dose does not lead to the desired effect, but the opposite case is more likely (gastrointestinal problems). An adult should drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, even if no linseed is eaten. If you have any problems with your stomach or intestines, you should consult your doctor before using linseed if you are not sure. Also the intake of appropriate medicines in combination with flax seeds could cause problems. This article is not intended as a substitute for a visit to the doctor or pharmacist, which is why we do not accept liability for the consequences of the consumption of linseed. But we can, of course, reassure you, for a completely healthy person the consumption of linseed (if it is within the appropriate framework) is safe and can promote the effects mentioned in this article.